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Preparing for Your Newborn

There’s no hard and fast set of rules when it comes to preparing for the birth of your child. Aside from the obvious – feeding, burping, not sleeping for days on end, etc. – each parent’s experience of coping with a newborn will be entirely unique and incomparable to anyone else’s.

There are, however, a few things which will be the same for every parent, and these usually fall under the heading of ‘what to buy before the birth’. Like it or not, part of preparing for a newborn involves stocking up on the essentials, usually as far in advance of your special day as is both possible and sensible. Of course it’s probably not necessary to buy a million nappies and hoard them covetously before you’ve even found a partner, but sensible baby shopping in the months and weeks leading up to the birth of your child can save on a lot of fuss and trouble later on.

With that in mind, here are some of the key essentials you should be picking up before your new baby arrives!

A Travel System

These days it’s all about having a system for travelling, rather than separate, unwieldy travel items. Your buggy, carrycot and car seat should all fit snugly into each other and should combine total security for your baby with totally on trend style for yourself. Britax travel systems are the perfect example of how parents-to-be can maximise their budget and cut out unnecessary purchases by combining all of the necessary elements. Click here for Britax pushchairs and travel systems, and to find more about Britax’s child safety technology.

Sleeping Arrangements

Sorting out your newborn’s sleeping arrangements can be one of the best things you do before the birth, but is also one of the things which ends up being the most subject to change. Some parents prepare fully by equipping themselves with a carry cot, Moses basket and cot bed, just to be on the safe side.

Baby Clothing

There’s absolutely no reason why you should spend a fortune on your baby’s clothing. Hand me downs are a great way of getting a hold of essential garments without having to empty your wallet and, if you simply have to buy new items, remember that your newborn will grow out of them very quickly!

Non-Essential Essentials

As well as the important items, it’s also nice to indulge in a few non-essential things to mark the birth of your new baby. Stuffed animals are always cute, a sling is great for carrying baby when you’re out and about, and cards from Little One Prints are a great way to say thank you to friends and family for their gifts.