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Newborn Items for Babies to Stock During the Covid Season

It is difficult to take care of children every day, let alone an epidemic season. How many worries pour into the surface can make you forget to buy the necessary items for children. Do not let “water to the feet just jump”, let me make a list of newborn items for babies indispensable in the long period of social separation mother offline!

In addition to the elderly or people with health problems who are advised to stockpile supplies to avoid unnecessary travel, domestic and foreign health authorities also recommend that parents should have a newborn baby reserve at home.

Because, with the epidemic situation being very stressful as currently, limiting out or contact with strangers is the safest option. Prevention is better than cure, besides buying enough food and essentials; You need to prepare more infant supplies in the house. If you’re not sure what to buy, keep an eye out for my suggestions below:

Weaning food or formula milk

According to nutrition experts, babies under 6 months old should be exclusively breastfed. However, if the amount of breast milk supplied does not meet the needs, you can replace it with formula milk while still breastfeeding.

In the case of using a formula, you should prepare at least 2-3 cans of milk or the equivalent amount can be used from 2-3 weeks to limit the need to go out many times. If your baby has become accustomed to weaning foods, you can buy weaning cereal or cereal.

Whether it is milk or weaning powder, you need to check the expiry date before buying, preferring to buy newly manufactured products. Also, consult your pediatrician best suits your child.

Milk bottle

If using formula milk, it is indispensable for your baby to have a baby bottle. Therefore, parents should buy at least 2-3 bottles to use. With such bottles, you don’t need to wash and sanitize it often.

The experience of choosing the best bottle to use is BPA free and anti-colic. Accordingly, BPA (short for Bisphenol A) upsets the nervous system, affects reproductive function, long term will cause brain damage and many other health problems in children.

With an Anti-Colic bottle, the pacifier’s anti-colic valve is designed to make sure your baby doesn’t feel uncomfortable after drinking the bottle through the bottle. For peace of mind, you need to read the product information label carefully to choose the appropriate one.

Newborn clothes

It sounds contradictory because you may have bought enough clothes for your child to use for months. However, you need to understand that children’s clothing must be suitable for the weather. The long-sleeved clothes you just bought for Tet may not be suitable for hot summer days anymore.

So, take advantage of this opportunity to change your child’s wardrobe. Suggest newborn items for your baby that you need to buy such as t-shirts, shorts, nightgowns, jumpsuits …

Note that all new baby clothes after buying should be washed thoroughly, more careful you should soak with antiseptic.


When you have a “little angel” in your home, you’ll probably never have enough diapers to use. Because, with the schedule for feeding baby all day long, the need for urination will also constantly increase. Therefore, you should consider buying enough diapers stored for about 1-2 months.

Besides regular diapers, you can substitute an economical alternative to cloth diapers. No matter what type of diaper you use, you need to pay attention to thorough hygiene for your baby every time you change a diaper!


Babies’ immune systems are not yet complete, so they may face many different health problems. Moreover, plus having to stay home for a long time, having a home medicine at this time is important. You can consult your doctor about the list of essential drugs that should be in your family medicine cabinet.

Diaper rash treatment cream

If your baby’s skin is known to be irritated, rash, or even slightly swollen and warm when you touch them, it’s a diaper rash. This problem is quite common in infants and young children, especially during the hot summer months.

If your baby has sensitive skin, he or she will be more prone to diaper rash in the summer. This is because the heat causes moisture inside the diaper, which can lead to skin irritation. If she neglects to change the baby’s diaper in time, the baby’s skin will be in contact with feces and urine for a long time, leading to more inflammation. Moreover, this will make the baby feel uncomfortable.

To help babies get rid of diaper rash, mothers should invest in a quality anti-diaper cream. You need to choose to buy products without paraben ingredients and synthetic colors. Because these are common factors that cause allergies and rashes. On the other hand, diaper rash cream should be soft, suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin. If you use creams as a constant precaution, then the best option is the ointment form.

Wet wipes for children

Newborn baby items for this baby are also useful salvation of the mother diapers there! You can use them to clean your baby when spills diapers, vomiting, vomiting … or cleaning surfaces, dirty clothes. When buying a wet tissue for your baby, choose a product based on its origin. Especially the composition of the product must be non-alcoholic and aromatherapy harmful to children.

Weaning food

Once your baby can eat solids, moms should feed him 2 – 3 meals a day depending on his age and needs. Your baby’s meals must always be nutritious. You should not give your child a dish that is too greasy or sugar. Because both are not good for your baby’s health.

Instead, choose snacks from whole grains or products that contain dates or berries. Avoid artificially colored foods or additives.

Moisturizer and baby oil

These two newborn items are also essential for keeping baby skin smooth. You can find your favorite brand of moisturizers and baby oils. However, do not try to buy too much than necessary!

Baby powder

This is a must-have item for this summer. The powder has the main effect of preventing sweating, keeping the skin clear. Besides, this powder also helps reduce friction from clothes, diapers on the baby’s skin. On hot days, you should use talcum powder about 2-3 times a day to make your baby feel comfortable and comfortable.

The main ingredient that makes up talc is talcum powder when used by many children who breathe it will not be good for the baby’s health. Therefore, you should choose reputable brands to ensure safety.

Dry hand wash

In the presence of babies in the home, the most important thing is that you have to be hygienic, especially during this Covid-19 season. Besides washing your hands with soap and water, you can also equip an extra bottle of dry hand sanitizer to use when you need to clean your hands quickly.

It is recommended that you choose to buy a large capacity for the whole family to use. The recommended alcohol content is 60% or more. Place hand sanitizer in conspicuous places and ask all family members to use it before touching the baby.


This is not an infant’s essential food. But for mothers with young children, toys are a “savior” to help calm children in the “stuck” days at home because of the epidemic!

Babies are always in a restless state and you will need toys to keep them focused while you work from home. Therefore, the wisest option is to prepare toys of different shapes and sizes.

The above are suggestions for newborn items for babies to buy this season. Prevention is better than cure, you won’t know how much time it takes to stay home at this time, so shop for what you need. Remember to buy enough and do not store more than you need!