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Do Pillows Prevent Flat Head?

The flat head phenomenon of babies always makes parents worried, to minimize this situation many parents have used best baby pillow for flat heads. So what is this product, they have characteristics and functions like? Let’s find out together, or you can visit for more details!

The pillow for your baby’s flat head is a shape suitable for the sleeping position of an infant, it disperses the pressure on the entire head. The product helps to limit flat head syndrome in infants from 0 to 12 months.

A flat head baby pillow comprises 2 intrinsic parts: pillow guy and pillowcases. Depending on the purpose and technology of the manufacturer, they make each part with original materials.

For pillow guy: They make it from soft cotton or young rubber, ensuring ventilation when your baby uses it.

For pillowcases: They make it from soft cotton, no polymers, limiting the growth of harmful bacteria.

The effect of baby pillow for flat head

The shape of the pillow is concave in the middle of the pillow, this recess gets calculated to get a suitable inclination, ensuring that it evenly distributes the pressure is evenly over the baby’s head, maintaining the natural curvature of the skull.

The baby pillow for the flat head not only helps her relax, get a deeper sleep, prevent sweating but also prevent the flat head from affecting her aesthetics.

Pillows should be until 12 months old. Parents can use it in many places such as in bed, in a cot or a cradle.Do Pillows Prevent Flat Head

Is baby pillow for flat head good?

As recommended by the World Health Organization, the best sleeping posture for babies from 0 to 12 months is the supine position, leaning back on the bed, cushion. It is best to choose a child’s supine position because this sleeping position helps the whole body muscles to relax. In particular, with the supine position, the child’s internal organs such as the stomach and bladder also bear the least pressure.

While the supine position recommended being the best for such a baby, if the mother put the baby to sleep for a long time in the supine position will put the entire weight of the head on the back of the head for a long time, this can lead to a flat head syndrome, flat head.

Baby pillow for the flathead will help your baby have the most natural posture and avoid exposing the baby’s head to the hard flat surface for a long time. Since then the baby will have a smooth sleep, parents do not worry about the baby has a flat head anymore.

Sleeping on your back is still the best position for your baby. Letting children sleep on their backs on a firm, firm mattress, restraining pillows, beddings, teddy bears will limit the risk of a child suffocating, resulting in sudden sleep death.

Principles of abdominal play

When children know how to pull, encourage children to practice. They are very good at waving, because they will reduce the time they lie on their backs, reducing the risk of flat heads. Besides, it also helps the baby’s neck muscles, arm muscles, and shoulder muscles grow better. You should give your baby at least 3 times a day, each time from 10 to 15 minutes.Do Pillows Prevent Flat Head

Holding the baby upright

Another way to prevent a child’s head from coming into contact with the bed surface for a long time. Holding the baby upright can help not only reduce the pressure on the back of the head but also help create good neck and shoulder muscles.

Change the baby’s vision when lying

This is an impressive trick that I learned from my friend, a pediatrician. Some babies have a flat head on one side when constantly looking at one side for a long time. Therefore, if you place your baby’s head at the end of the bed today, tomorrow he should put his head in the opposite direction. This will encourage your baby to look in different directions.Do Pillows Prevent Flat Head

Instructions for choosing the right pillow for babies

Pillow material

Facts to remember:

The newborn body is sensitive to the external environment, moms should choose soft pillows, smooth material will help children have a deep sleep, good for the digestive system.

Thin pillows, 2 – 3cm thick, shoulder-width or slightly larger, will help protect the neck, spine.

Choose the thickness of the pillow following the age of the child. Children under 4 months of age should only use pillows with a thickness of 1 – 2mm, children over 6 months of age are 3 – 4mm, and children aged 3 and over must choose 3 – 9mm thick pillows.

Parents should choose soft pillows with good absorbent quality and suitable elasticity so it will help children sleep comfortably.

A baby pillow should not be too soft, because it will not work to support the baby’s spine. Also, it can interfere with blood circulation and respiratory activity for the area of ​​the head and face exposed to large pillows when the baby is upright or lying on the side and increases the risk of sudden infant death.

In contrast to the pillows that are too soft, mothers should also note that children should not choose too hard pillows because it will always be higher than the level of the neck lift of the child and adversely affect the skull.

It is not advisable to choose hard pillows because the baby’s muscular system, bones, and brain are very soft. These giant pillows will accidentally cause the baby to suffocate, affecting the skeletal muscles of the child.

Pillow size

Pillows should be just enough for the body of the child because the pillows are too wide to risk choking the baby. Also, pillows that are too high or too low should not get prioritized because it can affect the respiratory system and blood circulation from the neck to the child’s brain, which makes it more difficult for children to sleep.

Babies with flat heads are a very dangerous problem, many parents often ignore this situation, taking it as an obvious problem for babies and the notion that as babies grow, their heads will change round again.

This thought is very wrong. Parents should pay attention and have a suitable way to take care of their babies when they are very young so they will not encounter unfortunate problems for their health later.

Wishing the mother to raise children well!