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Are You Breastfeeding Or Flashing Your Breasts?

Recently, a picture was posted on Facebook by someone on my Friends List that made me tilt my head and scrunch my eyebrows. Now, just so you know, I don’t know how I met half of the people on my friends list, but over the years, I have become friends with friends of friends and so on and so forth.

Here’s the thing: I could go on and on about how I’ve breastfed all 9 of my children, how healthy it is, how wonderful of a bond it creates, etc. So, before I get into the picture, this person had posted something about breastfeeding and people talking bad about her because she was pumping for her 2 year old and that was “gross”.

Now, pumping breastmilk for a 2 year old is perfectly FINE, in my humble opinion. That’s our choice as mothers and the milk is so sweet and it’s their comfort drink, if you can pump and they will drink it, why not? So, here’s what I posted:

Good for you!!! I have breast fed all 9 of my children. Not only have they been extremely healthy…no ear infections, get over colds and flu faster than me, they’re also smart (DHA, ARA). It has set me up for kids sleeping in my bed (I cosleep and bf); but hubby and I are ok with that.  I love the bond it creates and it’s a bit out of the norm, many dad’s don’t necessarily like it but mine is 100% supportive (although he’s not really excited about sharing, he says there’s no way he’d have it any other way, lol). I bf’d all of mine til they were at least 1. Most of them til they were 2 and one or 2 even beyond that. One of my children, I stopped, my choice, and to this day, I feel guilty cuz I know he still wanted to bf. It was a hard time for him, letting go of his “boobies” but I was stressed and losing weight and not producing milk like he needed it. DO YOU – don’t let anyone tell you how to do you!

So, that was my take on her post, but as I am scrolling through more of her stuff, I see the picture. Take that back, pictures!

Back to the Pictures

These pictures are 90% breast and 10% baby. And, she defends posting them by saying that she’s not ashamed of “feeding her son”.

Okay, here’s the thing: I think that there is a sort of modesty and graciousness that we should exercise when we are breastfeeding. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with our bodies, but they are OUR BODIES, and do you really want every pervert from here to Nigeria seeing your boobs? Because, that is what you are doing. You are posting them online, and even if you are breastfeeding, if 90% of the shot is boob, you know darn well what the perverts are looking at.

I won’t go too far into it, but there are underground websites that exploit pictures like that. They post the pics on their sites along with your personal information for all the perverted, nasty sickos in this world. That’s what you are exposing yourself too. (This also goes for the ladies who think they are sending private messages on FB with their naked booty shots. Wake up call: ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET IS ACCESSIBLE TO HACKERS like I just described. That includes Facebook private messages!)

But, even still, when you post a picture of your breasts and only 10% of that picture (and, mind you, some of the pics, you only see part of the baby’s face – the face is cut off, but both breasts are in the pic!) is the baby, I have a hard time believing your full intention was to share a precious moment.

Case In Point

I have another friend that posted a pic of her breastfeeding, and in the background, was the train station. Her caption was something to the effect of At this point, I think we’ve breastfed almost everywhere, to which I had to respond that I might have her beat, having breastfed 9 kids in at least 5 different states. Anyway, she showed not one tiny part of her breast, but you could tell by the slant of her son’s head that she was breastfeeding.

There’s a difference between class and…well, I’ll let you finish the rest.

My Experience

With breastfeeding, in the comfort of my home, anything goes. But, out in public, I try to find quiet and private places and make sure that I am fully covered. There are so many creeps out there in this world! That’s not going to stop my from feeding my child, but it does make me feel more comfortable covered up or sneaking into somewhere that is more private.

So, I wish I could post the pics that I am talking about so you form your own thoughts about the topic. But, based on what I have said, what is your opinion about this?