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I've Got Klout!

Blogs aren't just about how many people are coming to the website address, but also how many are following and interacting with the syndicated social media. That's why Klout scores are important. It is said that most "normal" people will have a score in the 20-30 range, while "marketing professionals and celebs" will have scores in the 55 to 70 range. A score of 30 can be considered an influencer, though.

Explaining Klout scores is not the easiest thing to do. While it may seem like a 55 out of 100 is not a very high "score," it actually is a pretty high score in the Klout world. Basically, Klout measures how much people are interacting with my social media accounts. Klout has had to change their scoring a bit due to Justin Beiber showing as more "influential" than President Obama. That makes sense, though! Mr. Obama doesn't have time to participate in as much social media as Justin Beiber!

Alexa Rank

Moving onto the Alexa rank of Mommy Rantings, because it's a highlight that will show you the advertising potential. Before we go any further into the numbers, it's important to understand what they mean. #1 on Alexa is the top site in the world, plain and simple. Remember, there are millions of blogs and websites on the Internet!

In March of 2011, Mommy Rantings' Alexa score was over 1 million. By early summer, the rank had fallen to under 800,000 and the early fall of 2011 saw it drop below 500,000. Then, in December 2011, the Alexa rank was 348,340. Mommy Rantings' Alexa score has dropped tremendously - and continues to drop on almost a daily basis, which represents the traffic influx to the site. Update 2-9-2015: Alexa is now below 300,00, reflected in the image above.

In the U.S., Mommy Rantings ranks:

SEO-focused content (written by guest writers around the world - and the QueenMom) brings a steady stream of unique visitors to Mommy Rantings from Google searches on a daily addition to the loyal fans and readers that visit each day, and the crowd only gets more expansive as more content is added, more people interact with and get to know the QueenMom, and time goes on.

 Here is what Alexa has to say about Mommy Rantings:

 Monthly unique visitors: 50,000

In looking at the paragraph of statistics above, you will see that Alexa states that readers spend an average of more than 4 minutes per page view! The "average time" spent on most sites is less than a minute. This means people are staying on each page enough time to absorb all of the information in displayed in front of them. Nearly five minutes is a long time to spend on a page!

People Talking About Mommy Rantings

Essentially, Pagerank (or PR) is all about other sites linking to Mommy Rantings, which has an established PR of 3. No tricks have been pulled to get backlinks, like guest blogging all over the place to create backlinks. Basically, 99% of backlinks are from other bloggers, companies and websites that are talking about content that was published on Mommy Rantings, pointing their readers our way.

Google has not updated pagerank since July of 2011, so it is anticipated that the PR will increase to a PR4 with the next update, considering the amount of links that have been created since July of 2011.  

Readership Demograpics

Again, according to Alexa, the "average" reader of Mommy Rantings is as follows:

So, if your target market is mothers, aged 18-34, you've found the right spot! To delve even further: who are the consumers of the world? It's the women!

Social Media Networks and Klout Score

Mommy Rantings is set up to automatically Tweet blog articles on the @QueenBMomma account, with over 1400 followers (if you go over there to double-check the number, don't forget to come right back). Articles are also automatically posted to the Mommy Rantings Facebook page, with over 200 followers (same thing again. Come right back - don't get lost on Facebook!).

The addition of the Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and StubledUpon buttons on each article on Mommy Rantings has also increased exposure - when readers like the images or article, with a click of a button, they can circulate the content through their social media network.

All of this adds up to a number, called a Klout score. Klout scores represent how much influence a person has on social media networks, and are within the range of 1-100. Now, one would assume that 50 is the average, however a score of 20-30 is average, while a score of 50 or above is in the 95% of Klout scores, and represent the elitist social media influence champions. Am I influential? Here's my score:

Mommy Rantings is On the Go

According to the Blogger Stats, one could assume that Mommy Rantings is being read while people are on the go. Below is the chart from the Blogger's Stats tab that shows the breakdown of operating systems that are used to read Mommy Rantings. Although it's not the majority of visitors, people are definitely using their iPads, iPhones and their Androids to check in.  Yes, Mommy Rantings is mobile-friendly.

Get Your Spot!

Mommy Rantings offers several different opportunities for advertising. As a PR3 site that offers an array of topics, all of which are centered around the parenting niche and include reviews and giveaways for products that parents and children can enjoy, you've found the perfect place to advertise your products or services!

  • Banner Ads
  • Above the Fold (limited spots)
  • Text link ads
  • Product Reviews (limited spots)

Contact the QueenMom to discuss how to advertise and get more exposure for your products or services!

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