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Shaken Baby Syndrome a Farce! New Film Exposes Myths, Opponents Want Film Silenced

We have all heard the warnings. How can we not? If you have a baby at the hospital, you are given a packet full of information about Shaken Baby Syndrome. You may even be required to watch a movie about it (I know I had to, every time I had a new baby).

Go to your child's pediatrician, and I bet you will get similar pamphlets and packets there, as well. If you get supplemental food from WIC (Women, Infants, Children), rest assured, the counselors there will also warn you about the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

A Syndrome Ripping Families Apart & Criminalizing Caretakers

Parents, babysitters, and other caretakers of children have been thrown in jail for harsh time over the Shaken Baby Syndrome issue - for murder! Children are being ripped away from their families! Most of us have heard at least one tragic story - and I can attest that I have been outraged that someone could do that to an infant!

But, there's more to the story than "experts" like American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome want us to hear.

In essence, Shaken Baby Syndrome is a farce.

Film Exposes the Truth

Doctors and law professors, however, have been challenging the entire theory of Shaken Baby Syndrome for many years. The certitude that once surrounded Shaken Baby Syndrome has been dissolving for a long time now.

 A new film, produced and directed by Meryl Goldsmith, a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, and her cousin, an investigative reporter, Susan Goldsmith, is catching heat for exposing the corruption behind much of the Shaken Baby Syndrome diagnosis. One of the most shocking revelations I heard in the film was:

If an infant or child is shaken enough to cause brain injury, that child would suffer neck injury first. The majority of infants and children in the many cases wherein caretakers were criminally charged for injuring or killing a child, there were no signs of neck injury.  

Check out the trailer:

Outrage in the Medical Community

The film's focus is to uncover other medical conditions that could mimic the results of Shaken Baby Syndrome, but film festivals that have considered including the film have been accused of promoting child abuse and threatened with litigation. Many of the opponents to the film have not even viewed it!

Says Susan Goldsmith:

“This is a theme in our film—how the proponents of shaken baby syndrome and abusive head trauma have tried to silence their critics. And that theme is extending to here and now, to our documentary. I was expecting it. We thought we were helping by uncovering these other medical conditions that can look like abuse, but are not [abuse]. It actually threatens the entire shaken baby syndrome working group and industrial complex.” 
Here is a description of the film, taking from the official website:

Audrey Edmunds, mother of three, spent 11 years in prison for killing a baby she never harmed. And she is not alone. What happens when widely held beliefs based on junk science lead to the convictions of innocent people?

The Syndrome is an explosive documentary following the crusade of a group of doctors, scientists, and legal scholars who have uncovered that “Shaken Baby Syndrome,” a child abuse theory responsible for hundreds of prosecutions each year in the US, is not scientifically valid. In fact, they say, it does not even exist.

Filmmaker Meryl Goldsmith teams with Award-winning investigative reporter Susan Goldsmith to document the unimaginable nightmare for those accused and shine a light on the men and women dedicating their lives to defending the prosecuted and freeing the convicted.

The Syndrome uncovers the origins of the myth of “Shaken Baby Syndrome.” It unflinchingly identifies those who have built careers and profited from this theory along with revealing their shocking pasts. Shaken baby proponents are determined to silence their critics while an unthinkable number of lives are ruined.
Well, If It's Not Shaken Baby Syndrome...

There are dozens of conditions that could look just like Shaken Baby Syndrome. Vitamin deficiencies, Sickle cell anemia, Reye's syndrome, and even bacterial infections or viral infections can mimic what Shaken Baby Syndrome looks like. And, that's just for starters.

Vaccine-Induced Rickets

If you know me, you know how I feel about vaccines. Imagine putting those feelings aside and allowing doctors to administer vaccinations to your child, only to be accused of shaking and seriously injuring or killing your child - under the premise of Shaken Baby Syndrome. 

Dr. David Ayoub, a practicing radiologist from Springfield, Illinois, and an expert on infantile Rickets, has linked healing fractures in children that were originally diagnosed as Shaken Baby Syndrome to infantile Rickets. MISDIAGNOSED is the key word here. What was actually vaccine-induced Rickets was originally misdiagnosed as someone who had abused their child!

We're talking hundreds of misdiagnosed cases!

It's time we fight to let the truth come out! Of course our government and large agencies like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome don't want us to know the truth! Our legal system has punished a plethora of loving parents and other respectable caretakers of children based on the farce of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

They want us to think that what they have done is OK! It's not.

You can support The Syndrome film by heading to their website and finding out when you can attend a viewing. If it's not in your area, you can follow them on Facebook, share this post, and help spread the word.

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