Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mother's Day By The Numbers (Infographic)

Mother's Day is around the corner (Sunday, May 8th) and if you haven't started already, now's the time to remember all the little things the moms around us do every day and get them a token of your appreciation. Moms are creative, capable, and resourceful. Moms work hard! That’s why moms deserve the best and Swagbucks wants to make sure your Mom gets the best. 

Right now you can earn up to 35% Cash Back on gifts for Mom at her favorite retailers when you shop through the Swagbucks Mother’s Day Sale, saving you lots of pennies and allowing you to splurge a little extra on mom!

Need more help shopping for mom? It’s no surprise that the Swagbucks community is packed with moms. So they surveyed their member base at the end of March to find out how moms view Mother’s Day. 

Swagbucks received more than 10,000 email responses and found the following:  
I realize the graphic is blurry, answers are below:

Moms around the world spoke out and this is what they want on their special day:

45% - quality family time
22% - a spa day
10% - a date night

Moms Don't Have These Items on Their Wish List:

22% - tech gadgets
14% - home goods
11% - clothing

Thinking of Making Something For Your Mom?

66% of moms prefer sentimental handmade gifts

Moms May Love the Sentimental Behind a Homemade Gift, But They May Not Keep It Forever

28% of moms admit throwing away a handmade gift from their child

Of These Moms:

35% said they didn't have a reason for it
14% said it broke
7% said it was ugly

Mother's Day is May 8th, 2016! What are your plans?

***I get awarded SB for posting in this information through my partnership with Swagbucks****

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