Monday, March 7, 2016

What Happened? Reality TV Vs. the "Old School" Lifetime and LMN

So...this is way off the beaten track, but I have been longing for some good, ol' fashioned Lifetime or Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) movies. If you are missing them like I was, follow with me here.

There is a certain longing that I feel when I have a Saturday or a Sunday that I can sit and relax. I want those movies that get your mind spinning. The movies that make you want to laugh and cry with the characters, similar to how Tyler Perry's movies make me feel. Lifetime and LMN always hit the spot. Sadly, it's been a long time since those two channels have delivered what we really want, hasn't it?

I remember afternoons, sipping coffee, and basking in back-to-back, thriller-type movies, most of them based on true stories. It has been years since I have enjoyed and afternoon like that, not because I have not found the time, but because they do not play the movies anymore.

Something happened....

Somehow, generations have changed or maybe viewing statistics have told the television stations to start playing these "reality tv" shows. Okay, maybe you happen to like the shows that they are playing lately, but I do not. And, sure, there is a movie here and there, but that all day long, back-to-back, mind-baffling, heart wrenching lineup is gone.

Lately, I have had such a yearning for those movies!

I Found the Answer to My Yearning

Let me tell you: What I felt when I found innumerable LMN and Lifetime movies on YouTube was unexplicable. Aaaaand, they were FREE! I finally was able to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, with my laptop, in bed, sipping coffee and watching fascinating movie after movie.

And, even though the kids interrupted every few minutes or so, my afternoon was not ruined, because I could press the pause button and resume once their sometimes imaginary needs were met.

A gap was filled.

There are plenty of LMN and Lifetime movies to choose from. All you have to do is type in "LMN (or Lifetime) full movie" and you will see a bundle of movies to choose from. (Hint: look for the length of time on the movies as you scan through. Anything two or three minutes long will be an ad or trailer, while the movies will be about an hour and half or so.

Unfortunately, the list of movies on YouTube is not endless, however. Sooner or later, even if it's months down the road, the list will end for me. The problem is not solved.

Am I the only one who misses Lifetime and LMN as they used to be? Am I aging myself? Haha

Let me know I'm not the only one!

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