Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Stuffed Animals for the Tub! SoapSox Review

It doesn't matter if they are battery operated or water-absorbing stuffed animals, if I am not paying attention, my little ones will try to sneak their favorite toys into the bathtub with them.

Now, they can bring their stuffed animals in the tub! Well, not all of their stuffed animals... 

Their new SoapSox bathtub pets are specially made to accompany them in the tub. And, since they have received them, they have not tried to sneak any other stuffed animals in the tub with them. Not yet, anyway...

But, the fact that they can bring stuffed animals in the tub is not even the best part about SoapSox. 
We got Charlotte the seal, Bella the ladybug and William the frog. See how adorable they are?
The Story Behind the Concept

Two dads came up with idea for these cuddly bath critters! They were even featured on Shark Tank! Of course, leave it up to some dads to make taking stuffed animals into the tub a good thing! 

The founder and CEO of SoapSox worked at a children's residential treatment facility. Seemed that bath time was the worst time of the day for the kids. At the time, he modified a studded animal to be able to hold soap, and that is how the idea behind SoapSox was conceived. 

When you open their mouths up, there is a unique netting material that holds a bar of soap. And these awesome little bathtub buddies lather up nicely! SoapSox are not finicky eaters, though. If you prefer, they work great with liquid soap, as well. 

They also have openings like puppets do in the arms - ahem, legs...and fins - to insert fingers into, which helps to get a grip for scrubbing. (Or to turn them into puppets! Ha!)

They are made of antimicrobial sponge material and they are machine washable. And they are squeezable!

Although I am not a fan of posting my little girls in the bathtub, I could not resist showing you their reactions to their new bath buddies. 

Trinity kissing her frog Prince:

And then deciding she wants to play with her sister's ladybug:

Aaliyah with her ladybug...and, somehow, Chase's seal jumped in and is floating (upside down). (He got to take his bath next):

They come with a string you can attach and hang them to dry, but all I have to do is set them over the bar in our bathtub and they dry just fine right there. Surprisingly, despite the amount of water they absorb and hold, they dry seemingly fast. 

There are a bunch of bath buddies to choose from! Head on over to the SoapSox website to see their entire line. 

The one and only negative thing I would say about SoapSox is that they do absorb a ton of water. I am not sure about your kids, but Trinity loves to throw them outside of the tub. You gotta be quick and catch it before she tosses one! 

But, all in all, you can't beat being able to bring multi-use stuffed animals into the tub! Then, bring them to bed with you. (After they dry, of course!) The kids love them! 

We give these dads an "A" for brilliance!

You can find SoapSox on Amazon, but I would go to the SoapSox shop, because Amazon was all over the place for pricing and you can get your choice of bathtub buddies for only $12.99 on the actual website. You can also find a pair of buddies (like the Safari pack with the hippo and gator or the Explore pack with the shark and whale) for only $23.99. 

I was provided samples to perform this review, however all of the opinions stated are my own an uninfluenced by anyone other than my kids. 

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