Monday, March 14, 2016

Am I the Only Mom Who Didn't Know This? (You Have to Read This!)

I have an ADHD mind when I am surfing the internet. I start researching or reading something and - OOO! What's this?

Wait a minute! What's this about?

Last night, I ran across a link on one of the social media networks. Ask my ADHD brain which one it was. Regardless of where I found the link, the title alone caught my attention and questions started swirling in my head immediately.

So, this mother got her daughter a toy truck with little designs on it at the Monster Jam event. Here's the problem that she's throwing a fit about:

Somehow, this mother happened to know that pedophiles use certain a certain symbol system. And, within that system, a heart inside of a heart means that either a female or male adult prefers little girls. I verified this information on WikiLeaks, which had a FBI Intelligence Bulletin posted, explaining the symbols used by pedophiles.

Furthermore, WFLA said in the article about the very well-informed mother that a child carrying that symbol signifies that the child is up for trade for pedophiles. Now, I have read through the FBI bulletin and did not find this information, but they could be correct. After all, I obviously am now an oblivious mother.

Here is the thing that got me, though. How in God's green grass on the Earth did this mother happen to know about these symbols? I have been a mother for 16 years and have 9 children and, maybe I should be doing better research on more expansive lines of topics, but I have never in my motherhood run across this type of information!

So, it makes me makes me leery!

Why would she know this information?

On top of this question, which continues to bother me to no end, I also wonder if we need to start worrying about the decorations we make on Valentine's Day. Are we sending some kind of message to pedophiles when we allow our children to make crafts like this:

Or let our little girls make cookies with cookie cutters like this:

And are we supposed to stop wearing our precious pendants like this:

I'm not trying to be facetious here at all, but now I have all kinds of creepy thoughts running through my mind. I always say it is important to be informed, but this information bothered me tremendously. In fact, it disgusted me. 

Now, Monster Jam officials have gone public saying they had no clue that symbol was a secret code used by pedophiles. They even released a public statement and pulled the toy truck from inventory, promising not to sell it anymore. How would they know, though?   

In all honesty, my gut feeling tells me that most people wouldn't know about the symbolism. Most parents would not know. That's why it is a "secret code." 

So, how did that mother know? Does she happen to read FBI bulletins? And, if she knew what the symbol meant - in the pedophile world, anyway, why would she buy the truck for her daughter in the first place? 

I am sure these questions will forever burn inside my head, because I doubt I will ever get any answers. What do you think, though? 

Am I the only mom who didn't know this?

Update: Thanks to a friend of mine who did a little more research through other articles posted online about this story, I did get one answer and that is the mom happened to find out about the symbol when her older daughter pointed it out on a episode of Law & Order. Additionally, after more research of my own, I have not been able to find anything online that substantiates the television station's claim that these symbols, when carried or worn by a child, are a sign that the child is up for grabs (or trade or whatever you want to call it) for pedophiles.  

But, my main point of this whole post is: Was there really any reason to create hysteria over the toy? 

I can understand wanting to create awareness. As parents, that's what we all should be doing when we come across information we think other parents should be aware of, but to create hysteria and accuse companies of purposely crafting a toy in the spirit of pedophilia is out of line. 

Let's raise awareness, not hysteria!  

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