Saturday, March 12, 2016

16 Adorable St. Patrick's Day Clothing Ideas for Babies & Kids

A little at the last minute this year, I have scoured the web for the cutest clothing for St. Patrick's Day and found some really adorable ideas!

Spoiler alert: there's a lot of green in this post!

Without any further ado, here they are:

Because, even though they're Irish, babies still don't like to be pinched:
Even cuter?

It says "WARNING Pinch me and I will poop, Who am I kidding, I'm gonna poop anyway"

And my favorite onesie ever:


For our tutu loving girls:

Brea's Baby Boutique

Brea's Baby Boutique

And for our girls who are not fond of wearing dresses, these pants look comfy and festive:

Brea's Baby Boutique

Or polka dots...hmmm, wouldn't clovers be even cuter?


For those of you with a baby girl and a toddler girl (matching outfits!):


Your little lucky charm will love this one:


For Daddy's little Irish boy or girl:


If you loved the onesie, but your baby is no longer a baby, this t-shirt is perfect!


Irish people rock!


For your teen boys, this "I (clover) Shenanigans" t-shirt is a winner:

Gone Blue

Mr. Shenanigans:

For the non-Irish who want to celebrate anyway:


You can even get cute appliques and add them to a green or white t-shirt:

Stitch On Time

Hope these ideas get your Luck O' the Irish minds going!

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