Thursday, March 24, 2016

12 Sharpie Pen Easter Eggs Ideas (Whimsical Easter Crafts with Kids)

The last thing I look forward to at Easter time is the messy crafts the kids want to do.

Want a super easy idea for Easter egg decorating? Get out the sharpies, the felt tip pens, and the hard boiled eggs and have some no-mess, whimsical fun with the kids!

Here are some ideas to get you started, but the sky is the limits! Let your kids and your creative skills go to town with your own decorating ideas.

Free style Sharpie decorating:

Use paper cutouts to create patterns:

Paint the egg first and then decorate with a Sharpie:

Use stickers to create pretty patterns on your eggs, then peel the sticker off and use your Sharpie to finish coloring inside the lines:

Keep it simple:

Make them Spring-y:

Or go all out with animal prints, if you have the talent:

Even plastic eggs can be decorated with a Sharpie:

Fun, easy, no-mess, just the way I like it!

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