Saturday, February 13, 2016

Goofing Up - New Book Release - FREE Today and Tomorrow!

Head over to Amazon on this beautiful Valentine's weekend and download my latest parenting book, Goofing Up today or tomorrow!

Description @ Amazon:

Parenthood is a tough job! In the end, all we want is to raise our children the best we can.

There are so many temptations to be lax or to be our child’s best friend. We are often too tired to dole out consequences and hold our children accountable. This is when we tend to goof parenting up the most. 

Goofing Up is a study of natural human behavior pitted against social etiquette and majority rule in the parent-child setting. Parents will experience a new perspective on making mistakes and parenthood. In her usual, no-nonsense, question the “experts” attitude, Cousins tackles each one of these 22 parenting blunders and shares her personal confessions, as a mom of nine, as well as how parents can stop goofing up. 

Regarding making our children share their toys and other belongings with other kids, she says: 

“Can you go to work one day and decide you prefer to sit at your co-worker’s desk, because they have a comfortable chair and a faster computer? Would telling your boss your co-worker will not share with you help? (I can just hear it now.) ‘Lucas won’t share his desk with me!’

We are obsessed with making our children share. Think about this for a moment. Why do we make our children share?” 

Some of the parenting mistakes Cousins confesses to are controversial, while others are so common, most parents may not even realize they are goofing up on a regular basis. Get Goofing Up today and stop goofing up! 

“Goofing Up exposes how easy it is to make mistakes as a parent, as well as highlights mistakes parents do not recognize they are goofing up. Cousins opens up as a mother, with her sarcastic wit and matter-of-factness, admitting to making all of the common mistakes. She shares her expertise and research with other parents to help them realize not only how easy it is to goof up parenting, but also how easy it is to stop making the same mistakes. A must-read for any parent!” – Publishing World 

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