Friday, January 1, 2016

10 New Years Resolutions of a Mom of Nine

I never make New Year resolutions, most because all New Year resolutions are made to be broken. So, it makes more sense not to make resolutions and just wing it as the year moves along. A clean slate and a brand new start is something that makes us all feel good, though! This year, I have stepped out of my resolution ban and came up with some resolutions for myself that I am going to try to work on. 

Resolution Books, Books, Books!

The first resolution was a big one, and I already accomplished it! (Huge pat on the back.) I have been working on my 4th book for six months now, and crunched hard on the last stretch to get it published for the New Year.

Goofing Up is available in the Amazon store right now! One down, many more resolutions to go...

A second personal resolution is to keep on writing and publishing this year. I'm striving for a total of at least a dozen books by the end of 2016, but I realize getting 8 more books written, edited and published is a stretch. Why not reach for the stars, though?

The rest of my resolutions go like this:

3) I resolve to work hard on not Goofing Up as a parent, like I talked about in my book. If you haven't read it, you should at least read the sample! (I've heard excellent feedback on it!)

4) I resolve to spend more time with the man of my life. I spend so much time playing the mom role, often wearing myself thin. However, I have found that the man needs attention, too, even after all these (almost 20) years. 

5) I resolve to hug my kids more. I hate to admit, I find myself pushing or turning away hugs more often than I should. I am not a huggy person in the first place, but I realize that my kids and my husband need more hugs. I notice that they all respond to me better if I have hugged them recently, so I need to focus on doling out more hugs, whether or not I have to step out of my comfort zone.

6) I resolve to embrace our somewhat organized chaos. I tend to drive myself crazy because the laundry is not all the way done, there are dishes in the sink, and socks on the living room floor. I realize that, in the scope of things, the organized chaos lands at the bottom, in terms of importance, in my life. I'm hoping that I can find a way to start ignoring these little issues that drive me up the wall and spend more time with the kids and hubby.

7) I resolve to laugh more. They say laughter is good for the heart. Life is too serious and I know I stress out more than I should. In the end, God takes care of what I cannot. Therefore, I need to take a break from the rat race of life and sit down and laugh more with my family. There are so many times I should have laughed, rather than get frustrated with a situation with a toddler or a teen. From now on, I will try to laugh more things off. 

8) I resolve to talk to each of my children individually and listen to them more. I already do this, but I want to focus on doing it more. After all, communication is what forms the foundation for our relationships with our kids. (I talk a lot about communication in Goofing Up, as communication is of the utmost importance to build and maintain any relationship.)

9) I resolve to find that delicate balance between family and work. This one is a tough one. Working from home is nearly impossible with nine children. Often, I am pulled away from work due to family (normally kid) obligations, and sometimes I push family aside to work. I want to find a balance wherein I do not feel guilty for working, but I also do not feel resentment toward my family obligations because I cannot get my work done by deadline. 

10) Reflecting on #9, My last resolution is No More Resentment. I don't want to resent anyone or anything for any reason. Life is too short. 

That's it! These 10 resolutions are all I can handle the first year trying out real New Year resolutions. In fact, they might be more than I can handle the first time around. 

Are you making any New Year resolutions for 2016? What are your resolutions? Are they personal or family-oriented? Are they career or home oriented? 

Leave a comment! I would love to hear your thoughts!

Here's to blessings for everyone in 2016!

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