Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Coco Austin's New Baby Girl and Why She's Defending Her Motherhood

Nobody should have to defend their motherhood. Unless, of course, they are totally screwing up their kids. Let's be honest, though, most of us are trying our best at accomplishing something that we didn't have an ounce of training or experience with - parenting is by trial and error, no matter who you are! Even if you're successful with your first child, that doesn't mean it's going to go just as smoothly the next round.

Regardless, if you find yourself defending your motherhood like Coco Austin has been, JUST STOP.

Coco Austin and Ice-T welcomed Chanel Nicole two weeks early at 5.7 pounds and 18 inches on November 28th. Here she is, with her gaudy bow beanie hat:

Now, can you please explain to me why, when this baby is only just two weeks old, Coco is all in her feelings and defending her motherhood and her wifehood? She hasn't even had time to make any mistakes at being a parent to this new bundle of joy yet! (And, if it has to be said, if Coco is such a terrible wife, why is Ice-T still married to her...and why did he just have a baby with her?)

How many of us go a little bit crazy, posting pics of our kids on social media? Toddlers climbing the jungle gym on the playground for the first time. School aged children receiving awards. New born baby pics. Holiday pics. Birthday pics. Birthday party pics. Sick pics. Do I need to continue?

Look, if you don't like how I post a ton of pics of my kids on Instagram and Facebook, SCROLL ON BY! That's exactly how I feel. Better yet, unfriend, unfollow. I'm good.  

Mini Ice-T, don't ya think?

Yet, Coco is chastised for "exploiting" her newborn baby by followers. Why? Because she posted a ton of pics, including holiday pics of baby Chanel Nicole on social media. She and Ice-T are also posting newborn baby pics on the dedicated Instagram (@babychanelnicole) and Twitter accounts the "celeb newborn"has, another "reason" for the critics to come out. 

One follower commented:

"Coco darling, don't exploit your newborn beautiful lil angel. I say with respect honey."


What was your reaction when I said that the baby already had her own Instagram and Twitter accounts? Hopefully, you could care less, like I did. I mean, it's cute and all, but nothing I would throw a temper tantrum over. Well, haters even had something to say about that.

I just don't see anything wrong with it, especially since we all know it's not baby Chanel Nicole posting to the account. Maybe Coco and Ice-T don't want to clutter their own feeds with scads of baby pics and creating another account for their baby was a strategic move. Whatever, is it really any of our business?

Coco also caught heat over posting holiday pics of her new bundle. Here is ET's take on it:

I say that if you are spending that much time dressing up your newborn and taking pics, and that baby is not crying, then you're spending time with your baby and doing what you enjoy doing. Why not celebrate the birth of a new baby girl by posting pics all over social media? Why not celebrate the spirit of the holiday by dressing your newborn baby up in holiday threads and holiday scenes (and then posting them all over social media)?

Exploitation? Is Coco doing anything that I wouldn't do? No way! I would love to have the "spare time" to be able to dress up my baby all day long and take pictures! I don't have that kind of "spare" time, but I would love it if I could spend my time playing dress the doll! 

We all get excited about our new babies. I hate to say it, but especially baby girls! They are so fun to dress up, put hair bows on and play around with like little baby dolls...and take pictures of and SHARE THEM ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS. 

If Coco is exploiting her baby, then I guess we all should admit to exploiting our children. I know most of us parents tout our children and their cute little faces and all of their accomplishments and achievements and everything they are about to do in the near future...some of us are more avid about it, while others post here and there. Either way, we at least know a few of our friends who post incessantly about their babies or kiddos. If we don't like it, we scroll on by.

So, Coco was running around (the Internet) defending herself, her baby pic posting obsession, and what type of wife she is on Twitter. Here are a couple of her tweets:

I'm just sayin', is this really what a mom needs to be worried about in the first few weeks of having a baby? I think not. Should she stop posting pics of her baby? I think not.   

Too many people have too much time to comment and tweet and whatever else they do on other people's stuff. In my own honest and humble opinion, Coco should have paid no mind to the haters and went about doing her thing and enjoying her baby and this blessed holiday season. 

But, you see, that's just me. I'm going to do me - and you can run along and do you. Just don't try to rain on my parade, because I carry a hater umbrella. That rain is going to bounce off my umbrella and splatter somewhere else, because I don't have time for those antics!

There are too many people worrying about other people's business. If you don't like something that you see on social media, simply mind your P's and Q's and SCROLL ON BY! 

By the way, Coco Austin, if you ever need to borrow my hater umbrella, it's all yours. Ignore ignorance! Ignore the haters! Who cares what they are saying? Who are they anyway? Are these people who actually care about you and your baby? Probably not. 

Next, we'll be hearing about how she posed like nearly every other mother in the world has either posed for pics or has wished she had posed for pics when her baby was newborn:

Well, maybe you haven't ever thought about it, but I sure have. Although I would have chosen a more intimate, cuddly pose, there's nothing more natural and sweet than that right there.

Coco and Ice-T, congrats on your new little girl. Enjoy her, they grow way too fast!

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