Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lego's Finally Created Protection for Parents! Anti-Lego Slippers

I mean, it's about bleeping time!

To be honest, I banned those wretched toys from my house well over a decade ago. Then, a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine's son brought over a bucket of Lego's and once again reminded me why I banned the worst ever toys in the world!

I swear to you, within moments, that bucket full of tiny pieces of extreme torture was overturned and I just about lost the last marble in my mind! I couldn't yell because...well, because he wasn't my kid.

So, I held the howl in, which nearly made my entire head explode. Spontaneous combustion or whatever you want to call it. I knew that, at least for the next ten weeks, my feet would be finding those bleeping things all over the house!


There is a reason those little sun of a guns are banned from my house! Whatever you do, if your kid needs to bring toys to my house, please make sure they are not Lego's! And, if they must be Lego's, then at least be thoughtful enough to bring me a pair of their new Anti-Lego slippers!

Needless to say, I did step on at least seventeen bleeping pieces of Lego's over the course of the next week and a half. I tried to be a good friend and set aside the strays to return to my friend and her son. 

But I'm sorry. I couldn't stand seeing them on my shelf, where I was keeping them. What if they were knocked down again? On second thought, they ended up in my trash. 

It took the company sixty-six years to figure out that they should create some kind of protection for our feet! And here they are!

They are made from heavily padded memory foam, a genius idea that someone should have come up with half a century or so ago...

The only problem that I'm seeing with this concept is that they are not on the market for people like my friend (who let her son bring his Lego's to my house) to give to people like me, who despise the deplorable little pieces of junk.

No, instead, they were made to drive traffic to the Lego France website, where they are giving away 150 pairs per day for parents who craft their holiday wish lists on the site. 

So, what about us parents who have friends who think nothing of letting their children bring Lego's to our houses, where they are banned? (You know who you are - you better be hopping on the France site and making a wish list so you can win me a pair!) 

I guess, for now, we are bleep out of luck!
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