Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Evenflo Triple Flow Tumblers - No Leaks!

Sippy cups are a pain in the butt! You have to go through the leaky, drippy, pours out too much or too little at a time issues to empathize how I feel about sippy cups. 

I've had plenty that have worked beautifully until they took their tenth or eleventh bath in the dishwasher, and then somehow, they loosen and just don't work as good as they do new.

I put the Evenflo Triple Flo Tumblers through the gamut of exercises, put it to the test.

Let's start with the adjustable four way BPA-free soft silicone valve. Perfectly constructed, handles the dishwasher like a pro, even on the lower silverware drawer.

That's all cool, but how did the kid like it?

Trinity is breastfed, so, once again, I put the sippy cup to the test. She was more than willing to be my little guinea pig. (I just love her cute little self!) 

There are three different sized BPA-free soft silicon valves to adjust to. A fourth valve "shuts the flow off." (No leaking after many, many cycles through the dishwasher now.)

My mistake was putting it on the middle sized valve the first time. I figured she could handle it! I probably should have started her on the smallest, because she just about choked on the drink.

The valves are cool, though, and they're super easy to switch, plus it does not leak, which is crucial. If you don't have a dishwasher, its no big deal. The cup seems simple enough to keep clean. The silicon valves are a cinch to clean off.

Trinity ended taking to the smallest valve, had no problem transitioning from the breast to the spout, and her little hands can hold the sippy cup naturally, the way it's built. Add to that the concaveness of the lid, which makes room for her button nose and the perfect 10 oz. capability, and we got a winner!

Evenflo has been a prime company in our house, after nine babies. I've been through so many products over the past sixteen years, its always nice when you find one that truly works as it should.
I was provided 2 of the Evenflo Triple Flo Tumblers to test out by Evenflo. I've seen them at Wal-Mart, Kohl's and Toys R Us.

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