Saturday, November 28, 2015

Devil Wears Prada on North West - No Kids at Fashion Week!

The lady who the Devil Wears Prada was created after, Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue since 1988, has made her statement about kids. I had to laugh, knowing full well how the fashion diva can be with her prim and proper English upbringing. Haven't you seen the Devil Wears Prada?

She said that children don't belong at fashion shows!

This opinion emerged after the fashion mogul sat next to Kim Kardashian at Kanye West's fashion show. While she was cordial at first, after North West threw a temper tantrum and had to be removed from her father's show, Wintour turned obviously cold.

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“Anna doesn’t think fashion shows are appropriate for very young children such as North West ,” an industry insider reported to a magazine. “The loud music, the lights from the show, along with flashes from all of the cameras, and of course, all of the people is just overwhelming to a toddler. Anna never would have brought her now-adult children to fashion shows when they were young.”

Wintour was said to have mentioned that Kim and Kanye brought their daughter to distract attention from the designers (and Alexander Wang) who worked so hard for the fashion show and drew all of the attention to themselves!

Which wouldn't be surprising to me, seeing they are somewhat attention whores.

You can't blame her for feeling the way that she did or even voicing her opinion, considering she is pretty much the epitome of fashion anyway, she might as well make the rules. I tend to agree that fashion shows are definitely for adults, though.

I mean, kids are going to be kids! You can't expect little ones to be on their best behavior. Fashion shows are definitely grown folks stuff. Have some sense!

Maybe start bringing North when she's a teenager, Kimye? Even Jay Z and Beyonce had enough sense to leave their daughter at home!

Leave it to Anna Wintour to have to set Kimye straight. Nobody else makes them follow by the rules!

What do you think? Were they out of line bringing their daughter?
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