Thursday, October 22, 2015

Scary Mothers

I wonder what it takes to look your immaculate little infant in the eyes and think:

I am going to throw you out a window.

Or I want to drown you.

What exactly drives mom's like Tenisha Fearon or Andrea Yates (remember her? Most of us would like to forget, I am sure.)

I read in article that one of the neighbors who knew Tenisha Fearon said that she lived for her children and that "something must have snapped."

How can something just snap? How can you look at your innocent child - or children - and forget that you are the one person that God put on this earth to protect that little person?

I have had rough days with nine children. Days when I wanted to at least jump off the roof myself. But, not hurt my children. Not kill them.

Even with migraines and other aches and pains, I manage to make it through the day, caring for both myself and my children, without ever once thinking that I wanted to kill them. Not even when the screamed and sent my migraine to a level 10.

Not that there are not times I do not want to strangle a talker-backer or a liar, but when it all boils down and I look at these amazing little creatures I have given birth to and raised, I could not imagine my life without them.

Would schizophrenia do it? Maybe there are multiple personalities and the mothers were confused.

Then again, I would assume they were psychoanalyzed before arresting them.

Is this a sickness that any of us could come down with at any time? The desire to kill your own children. Where does it stem from?

How does it get that far without anyone noticing how far gone the mother is mentally? Can people seriously mask that type of insanity from the people who see them and interact with them every day?

Apparently they can. And they did.

And then they killed their babies.

How tragic. And the poor babies who were left behind, the three other kids who belonged under the "protection" of Tenisha Fearson? They are destined to be confused and scared the rest of their lives.

How could a mom do it?

I wish someone would explain it to me.

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