Wednesday, October 21, 2015

PrivateWriting Website Review

As a writer, I happen to know my way around the writing world on the Internet, however I was just introduced to a new website that might be of some interest to many of my colleagues.

PrivateWriting is quite similar to a company that I worked for when I first set out to try my hand at a writing career almost a decade ago. The owner of the company took orders for college papers from college students and passed all of the necessary details (on to the writer so that the writer could thoroughly research and write the paper for the student.

Which is a GENIUS idea!

From a writer's standpoint, it is a migraine level headache. Students often decide, at the last minute, that they need fifteen page dissertations with thirty references.

From a student's standpoint, however, PrivateWriting can be a lifesaver. I ran a quick price check on a 4 page case study, and the price was less than $70. For the thousands of dollars that are spent on college, 70 bucks is nothing to ensure that you are going to ace a paper that is worth 50% or more of your grade!

As far as the website, all of the services that PrivateWriting offers is detailed nicely, with separate articles that distinctly outline the different types of papers and what they normally require, focusing on what the writer will do for the student. I searched and searched, but what I did not seem to find were samples of papers that have been written for "clients."

Then again, I guess sample papers probably should not be posted on the Internet if they were used to ace a vital civics class or a psychology class. The last thing any student wants is for their professor to come across the paper they submitted for 50% of their grade posted as a sample on a discreet type of website like PrivateWriting.

What could be posted instead are papers that are written on general topics, just to show a sample of what will be provided, but as long as the writers that they employ do have the qualifications that are boasted on the home page, there should be no reason why they cannot crank out top-notch, well-researched and written documents.

If this was my website, I would probably add more pictures, possibly pics that included college students smiling and holding their paper marked with a bright red A+ on the top or something corny like that, but just on first glance, as the website sits, I cannot tell what kind of service it is offering without starting to read. First impressions are everything.

For the most part, though, I have always felt like this type of service is a win-win for everyone. The student is happy, the writer gets paid, and the owner of the website makes money, too. As soon as I was introduced to the concept, I thought it was brilliant.

Just remember, writers work long, hard hours to create fantastic work. If you use a service like this, throw the writer a bonus. They deserve it for the long hours they put into your work. :)

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