Saturday, October 31, 2015

NEW BOOK RELEASE! Breaking the Rules: 7 Controversial Parenting "Rules" and Why Parents Should Be Breaking Them

It is my extreme pleasure to introduce my newly published book, Breaking the Rules! I bring many of the topics that I have researched and blogged about over the years into a compilation that details why parents should be breaking the "rules."

Flip to the back and read the cover:“I break most of the controversial parenting rules. Not because I am a rebel mom, but because I love my kids.” – Bethany Cousins, blogger, journalist, and author of Breaking the Rules.

There are two tenacious sides to every parenting debate. Breaking the Rules is a fearless journey through a jungle of jaw-dropping statistics, eye-opening case studies, and stunning information that is written by a mom of nine children. She tells parents why she dissents the “majority rule” on seven of the most highly controversial parenting subjects, including vaccinating and medicating children, childhood obesity, spanking and co-sleeping.


She contends, “We are being misinformed, and, if we are not careful, we will also be misled. Our children’s best interests are not always on these ‘experts’ minds” and proceeds to reveal how trusted organizations, including our government, have created parenting “rules” to enrich financial and political stances, which are not always in the best interest of our children. Her mind-provoking and factious viewpoints are shockingly blunt.

Breaking the Rules is a must-read book for parents who are on the fence about any of these highly debated subjects and even parents who are resolute about the topics will learn something new. Everyone who reads it is bound to be enlightened.

Not everyone is going to agree with my point of view at first, but it is difficult to argue with facts, statistics, and case studies that many parents have yet to hear. You see, the "experts" have not been completely honest with us! Whether the subject is co-sleeping, vaccinating, medicating children, or spanking, we have only heard the statistics and studies they want us to hear!

I hope you enjoy the book! Let me know what you think, and better yet, be sure to leave a review on Amazon!

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