Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Loving Bedtime Routine

I posted this on Facebook the other day and thought it was cute enough to share on Mommy Rantings.

Our loving nightly routine...

Me: I guess I have to turn off the TV, because you won't stay in bed. (turning off TV)

Kodi: No! I don't want the TV off! Stop, Mommy! 

Me: (walking out of the room)

Kodi: You need a spankin! You can't turn the TV off, you just can't! 

Me: Dakoda, I'm the boss. When you're the boss, you can say when the TV goes off. Goodnight, I love you.

Dakoda: No! You don't love me! 

Me: I do love you, my little Kodi bear. 

Kodi: No, you don't! And I don't love you!


Kodi: Mommy?


Kodi: Mommy, I'm sorry.

Me: goodnight, Kodi. I love you.

Kodi: I love you,too, mom.

This, too, shall pass...

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