Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mommy Rantings - Changing Domain Names

As you have probably noticed, Mommy Rantings has a new domain name.

Yes, www.mommyrantings.com is now the bigger and better www.mommyrantings.org!

It was a hard decision to make, because there is a lot of work behind redirecting the visitors, sponsors, guest bloggers and everyone else who always loved Mommy Rantings and reestablishing the presence that once resided at www.mommyrantings.com.

Fortunately, Mommy Rantings has a life of its own, so we'll get the traffic flowing in the right direction soon enough. If you know anyone who might be wondering where Mommy Rantings went, let them know to head to www.mommyrantings.org.

It's 2013. Change is a good thing, embrace it!

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