Saturday, March 30, 2013

Guide To Girls' Hair - Book Review

Yesterday, I talked about the different categories for hair in "When Your Daughter's Hair Isn't Your 'Type'". Today, I want to tell you about this awesome book called Cozy's Complete Guide To Girls' Hair: The Cutest Cuts and Sweetest Hairstyles to Do at Home by Cozy Friedman.

This book is packed full of tons of how-to's, from a wide variety of styles including 5-minute styles, to how to cut different types of hair, to which hair utensils to use. There are definitions for every possible word associated with hair. For example, one page defines words like cuticle, cortex, medulla. Another section explains the different types of hair and how to "handle" them.

From detangling hair to sectioning hair to caring for hair during the summer and caring for it during the winter, Cozy Friedman has thought of and shared it all in her book!

Then, there are absolutely stunning ideas (and step-by-step instructions) for hair styles. Braids, pigtails, buns, and styles that include adornments for the hair, like ribbons and flowers. One of my favorites is the Heart Braid:

And, the answers to the most common hair catastrophies, like head lice, gum stuck in hair, dandruf, green hair, and static cling are all in this book!

I have enjoyed every moment of Cozy's Complete Guide To Girls' Hair: The Cutest Cuts and Sweetest Hairstyles to Do at Home. The organization of the book makes it easy to look up topics, just in case you run into a hair catastrophy and need to find the information fast, or if you're planning to do a quick trim to your daughter's hair and want to check out the tips beforehand.

Definitely a must-have for your library, whether you have daughters, nieces, or granddaughters!

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