Sunday, March 17, 2013

Easter Baking With the Kids - 21 Easter Cupcake Ideas!

Easter is so wonderful in many different ways! Beyond the religious meaning of Easter, the marking of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the holiday also signifies to many of us that Spring is here! Easter events, like egg hunts and celebrations that include lots of food and beverages and deserts are also fun for families and children. And those with creative and artistic minds really enjoy the holiday baking that comes along with Easter.

Cupcakes are easy and fun little projects to bake and decorate with your children or grandchildren, and you don't even really have to have a creative mind of your own. As a matter of fact, you could simply bake some boxed cupcakes, as opposed to baking them from scratch (like I would) and then have fun with the decorating! Before you do that, though, run to the store for different types of candies, like jelly beans, licorice, gummies, sprinkles... don't forget the dried coconut pieces and food coloring to create grass!

Before you run to the store, you're going to want to have some decorating ideas. Those of you who cannot spark a creative thought without visual inspiration can simply look at these Easter cupcake decorating ideas, purchase the candies and the frosting required, and then mimic what you see.

Here are 30 awesome Easter cupcake ideas we've found around the web for you to enjoy making with your kids:

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Enjoy decorating!

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