Thursday, March 14, 2013

10 St. Patrick's Day Cupcake Decorating Ideas

St. Patrick's Day is March 17th, so put on your green and get out the shamrocks in honor of the commemoration of Irish Christianity. If you're Christian, you may be celebrating the lifting of the Lenten eating and drinking restrictions that occurs on St Patrick's Day, so you can hurry up and start baking those adorable St. Patrick's Day cupcakes!

We've scoured the web for cute ideas for St. Patrick's Day cupcakes, and here's what we've come up with:

Canadian Home Trends

My Own Ideas

Alpha Mom

St. Patty's Day 2013

24/7 Moms


Magpie's Musings

The Third Boob

Clyde's Cupcake Magic

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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