Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Trends in Bringing up Baby

Some parenting trends are influenced by friends or social situations, while others are influenced by the current environment. The recession was a big teacher, and parents are passing down budgeting lessons to their children. Real talks about life, work and future planning are picking up speed (thank goodness). Parents are realizing that they should prepare their children for the real world, and a few bubbles are getting popped.

Of course, some parents will also be looking to royalty for inspiration. Will and Kate’s bundle of lucky joy is sure to become center stage, even on our side of the pond. Just like when you're shopping for a new crib orsolid wood wall units for baby’s room, everyone will have an opinion on what’s best. Here’s a look at a few more recent trends in parenting.

Envy’s Next Move

For some reason, American parents have an addiction to picking other countries to envy. The French mommy was the latest fad. However, it’s about time a new region was picked. Given the unfortunate events in 2012, it’s likely that the country of choice will have strict gun policies (or no guns at all). 

The sale of bullet-proof backpacks went through the roof after the Newtown tragedy. Parents are seriously focusing on safety in a way never seen before. The number of home schooled children has increased in the past year, and it’s likely that parents will make a bigger commitment to volunteer in classrooms. 

Overly Permissive or Just Progressive?

Surprisingly, saying yes to children is simultaneously picking up steam. Everything from swearing to drinking at home is being permitted more so than in the past in an attempt to let kids do things in a safe environment (because they’ll do it anyway). What’s another big trend? Dad is getting a lot more involved.

Dads aren’t the only ones getting into the business of raising kids. More people are depending on outside help, such as nannies that specialize in certain areas (like teaching foreign languages) or sleep coaches. It seems that parents are going back to the idea that it takes a village to raise a child. The days of the nuclear family seem to be slowly slipping away.

Taking it Public

Some parents have resorted to publicly embarrassing their kids as a means of punishment. The usual MO is to have children hold up a sign in public declaring what they did wrong. Does it work? Just like anything else, it’s bound to work with some children and not with others.

Whether or not it’s bordering on abusive is up for debate. However, the overarching trend is to instill social protocol into children. If they’re embarrassed, that’s a sign that they are striving to fit into society. Parents will always be looking for magic pills and better solutions to problems, and the only way to find it is with trial and error.

Michelle is an aspiring writer who currently freelances for a company that sells solid wood wall units. When she’s not working she loves writing about anything and everything and blogs as much as she can. She loves that blogging allows her to share her writing with an unlimited audience.

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