Sunday, February 3, 2013


Innovative concepts and new products never cease to amaze me! Here's an idea...

Let's find a way to utilize our children's body heat, store it, and then release the warmth when their temperature drops! Wait! Someone already did that!

Just released on the market last month (January, 2013), Snugli Car Seats can be purchased online at Buy Buy Baby now. Here's a look at the carseats...

 Temperature Management System

And, now a little about this temperature management system that probably has you wrinkling your eyebrows by now. I know that I love my heated seats in the van in the wintertime! Regardless of how warm the van is, when it's cold outside, that winter coldness can seep right through to the bones. Those heated seats help to get that warmth back into the bones, don't they?

Now, your little one can have their own "heated seat". The OUTLAST® temperature management technology is a bit different than the heated van seats, though. This system works all year round to keep your child at a balanced temperature. During the winter, the seat essentially absorbs your child's body heat and releases the heat when your child's temperature drops.  

During the summer, the car seat will absorb the body heat, but does not normally need to release the heat back to the child, because in the summer, it's usually hot, right? So perspiration and overheating are reduced - and may be completely eliminated.  

Along with this technology, Snugli Car Seats also have: 
  • new high-performance fabrics 
  • vented zones 
  • advanced strap and buckle features
  • side impact foam technology that reduces side impact forces by 50%
  • exclusive LATCH connectors allowing for a super-fast, super-snug installation
 There are two choices:
  • Snugli All-In-One Car Seat
  • Snugli Harnessed Booster Seat
Snugli Car Seats are now available exclusively at Buy Buy Baby and specialty stores for $229.00-$329.00 (SRP).

So, I'm this something that you would purchase for your children?

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