Monday, February 4, 2013

Moving Day: How to Involve the Kids and Stay Organized

You've likely moved before, and you know that it can certainly be a stressful time. The stress can grow even greater when children are involved. How can you involve them in the process while still staying organize? Follow these five tips to help you and your kids stay sane on moving day.

Packing Their Belongings

When everyone wakes up on moving day, it's likely that there will still be some items to pack up. Give them their little suitcases and duffel bags, and leave them to pack up the rest of their rooms. They can do some work in the playroom too. You'll likely need to give them boxes to accomplish the task. You and your children are going to be very upset if valuables are left behind, so it's very important to double check.

Room Inspectors

Children love when they get a special title for the day, and this rules applies more so to your youngest little ones. Let them know that it is their job to check each room for any items that might be left behind. Once again, the depth of the project depends upon their ages. If you're going to have toddlers or early elementary school students engage in these practices, it's best for you or your spouse to check the room for valuable items.

Make It a Game

Try creating a game out of loading items into the truck. Tell your kids you will see who can pack up the most things in their boxes first. This would preferably be done with the smaller items that children can handle. When you have items that need to go into the storage unit they can be in charge of placing them there. Depending on your children's ages, some of the larger items will likely have to be moved into the unit by an adult, but allow the kids to have fun with the smaller items after the larger ones have been moved in.

Checking Items Off the List

You probably have a fairly detailed list in hand on moving day, and it's important that you have this out and ready to go. Older children can actually help you to ensure that everything on it is accomplished. Once an item has been moved into its proper space, ask your child or teenager to check it off the list.

Hiring a Babysitter

It might be hard for you to supervise the move in general and to supervise your children and their tasks. If you use a regular babysitter, ask her to come over on that day to help out. You can also ask a family member or friend to help monitor to the children. This is best for both stress reduction and safety purposes.

It's quite possible to involve the children in your moving day process and still remain organized. The key is to plan in advance.

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