Thursday, January 24, 2013

Adorable Must Haves for Your Child's Dress Up Box

Children tend to have some of the most vivid imaginations we know of, and with those imaginations they can create an entirely new world using their minds - and props! You can help inspire your child's dream or adventure by having a box filled with dress up clothes for them to play "pretend" with!

Professional Outfits

There are a lot of different things you can put in your child's dress up box. Often times, children like to pretend to be what mom or dad does at work, so if your job has a general uniform that kids can easily identify, include it! If your child has another profession they'd like to be when they get older, add that too! You can also add in other "famous" profession outfits like doctor clothes, nurse scrubs, ballerina outfits, dress-suits, etc.

Imaginative Outfits

Professions are fun, but most children's imaginations extend beyond the reaches of reality. Adding other types of outfits of characters that they hear about in stories is also a great idea to get kids thinking on their feet. A prince/princess costume, a wizard costume - even a dragon! Even if you don't think your child might like an outfit that you have found, you should add it anyway because you never know; they might think that princess outfit looks good as a wedding dress too! 

Historic Outfits

Add pieces from different time periods. The roaring 20's, the 50's, 60's, and 70's all have trademark items that children and adults can easily recognize from books and television such as poodle skirts. Even if you can't find any, you can always recreate them! There are plenty of patterns in crafting stores that can help you recreate the 60s vibe. Flower patches that you can attach to bell bottom jeans to represent the groovy 1960's. 


Accessories can also add to the fun when a child is playing dress-up, so if you can find hats, gloves, shoes, and other relative props you can always add them to your child's dress up collection as well. Even items you might not think would be relevant could play a part in your child's dress up dream. If you're not sure where to find accessories for a dress up box, try visiting local garage sales or thrift stores. Who knows, you might even find more dress up clothes! 

You can never have too many options for your children to play with! Dress up boxes are a great way for kids to have fun by themselves and also with friends.

Author Bio

Lyndsi Decker is a freelance writer. At the moment she is promoting 50’s costumes such as the Poodle skirt. She often blogs about parenting and children, and enjoys traveling with her family.

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