Friday, December 7, 2012

Tips on Talking to Your Teens about Prescription Drugs

As a follow-up to yesterday's post, today's post will help you broach the subject with your teen.

Drug abuse is not restricted to illegal substances that teenagers see on television. In fact, prescription drugs and items they can find on the shelves at a drug store are more of a threat because of how easy they are to get their hands on. Knowing how to talk to your teenager about these dangers is extremely important.

Make sure when you have this talk with your teen that you are not accusatory. You need to be calm and honest to avoid having the talk turn into a fight. Do some research about the dangers and let them know what you have learned. Do not pretend that you are an expert on the situation or they will be likely to tune you out. 
Also, try to incorporate them into the talk. If you sit there and lecture, it can become uncomfortable for them. You want to have an open dialogue about drugs with your teenager during this talk and going forward. Now is the time to build that relationship.

You also need to talk to your child about the dangers of peer pressure. Prescription drugs are easy to get a hold of. Teenagers can take them from their parents or grandparents. They can purchase them from dealers more easily than illegal drugs. They may have even been prescribed them for a legitimate purpose. When you are talking with your child, the most important idea to get across is that prescription drugs are just as dangerous as illegal drugs. This is true even if a friend is experimenting with them.

In order to be honest with your teenager, you cannot shelter them from the truth. This means that you have to give them specific knowledge about the drugs. Be honest about what prescriptions are in the house, from the family pet’s medication for arthritis, to antibiotics that were taken for an ear infection. Cover what they’re used for and what adverse effects they have if they are abused or even consumed just once in some instances. Be sure to also touch on the subject of their friends not needing to know what is kept in the cabinet, as their friends will be more likely to abuse prescription medication when they won’t be the ones to suffer consequences when found that medication is missing. 

To avoid this, just be honest. Talk about why someone would enjoy talking them, but also why it is such a bad idea, that there is potential that they could overdose, be hospitalized and could cause long term damage to the organs in the body. Touch on the subject of getting caught with the drugs, and how it could mean spending time in jail.

Prescription drugs are not something that should be taken lightly. Just as you would talk to your child about other dangers in the world, you need to teach them about dangers that are legal in the right circumstances.

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