Sunday, December 9, 2012

Growing Up in the Age of Technology: How Are Your Children Being Affected?

Childhood today is a very different picture than it was in the past. Instead of seeing boys shooting hoops outside, you are more likely to find them cooped up indoors playing video games. And instead of seeing girls playing hopscotch, you'll more likely find them behind a computer screen.

All of the technology we cherish as adults also affects the way our children grow up. They are surrounded by cell phones and computers at home, at school and pretty much every where they look. What consequences does technology have on our children's development?

Communication Skills

The popularity of texting and social networking sites like Facebook has changed the way people, including kids and teenagers, talk to one another. These days, we are more likely to use abbreviated words in text messages than to make a phone call, much less talk in person.

Kids are growing up with a decreased value of real conversations and their social skills suffer for it. Conversing through texts and online messaging does not give kids the practice they need to express emotions and build confidence to meet new people in person.

Instant Gratification

Technology has also conditioned kids into feeling they should be able to get whatever they want instantly. Email and text messaging are forms of instant communication. The Internet is a resource of instant information that while educational can also prove to be dangerous.

Online, kids can look at pictures, download music, movies and games and talk to friends instantly. Sometimes, children don't understand the rest of the world doesn't work that way.

Dangers of Technology

Kids are also experiencing an increased amount of privacy in comparison to years before. They can send text messages or say things online parents may be completely unaware of. This is how tragic occurrences, like cyber-bullying, take place.

Sexting has also been a huge problem with teenagers. What they do not realize when sending photos to their boyfriend or girlfriend is those pictures live forever in the online world and can hurt them in the future.


Despite all the problems technology may bring in raising children, the truth is it's really up to parents to decide how technology will affect their kids. Children who are allowed uncontrolled access to the Internet and cell phones may very well suffer developmentally.

It is possible, however, to simply pay attention to what kids are doing online, set parental blocks and put limits on cell phone usage. Technology comes with many risks, but also many blessings, there are even online schooling programs, from elementary all the way to college. While parents cannot protect their children every second of the day, most problems can be avoided with a little love and attention.

Author Bio: Michelle is an aspiring writer who currently works for an online college that offers a home health aide certificate program, among others. When she’s not working she loves writing about anything and everything and blogs as much as she can. She loves that blogging allows her to share her writing with an unlimited audience.

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