Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mom: The Family Therapist

You keep talking Mom, I'll write it all down...

It’s no surprise to anyone visiting that throughout history, mothers have been tasked as the caregivers for children. It’s a role that has constantly evolved as children learn new skills. In fact, a study released by Proctor & Gamble notes that although the responsibilities of motherhood began about two million years ago, the burdens placed on a mother were very different from those experienced by male human beings. Back then, like today, mothers were responsible for the development of infants, and making sure that they had access to enough calories during their early stages of life.

The Evolution of Moms’ Roles

In modern times, mothers still handle great amounts of responsibility and often sacrifice their own wants and needs in favor of staying home to nurture and raise children. Through all stages of their life, children look to mothers as a constant source of support and comfort during difficult times. Moms provide a shoulder to cry on after bandaging a bloody knee while children are learning to ride a bicycle. They are also a source of advice as kids get a little older and learn to navigate the often rocky landscape of relationships with others. As a mother, you have likely had to put yourself in your child’s shoes and recall the uncertainty of young love, the trauma of a sudden breakup, and the nervousness that accompanies social events such as school pageants and dances.

Calling Dr. Mom

As you adapt to your role as a mother, these impromptu counseling sessions to help your kids through sudden hard times probably feel like second nature. While you consider it just being a good mother, the rest of the world might see you as counselor repaid in the accomplishments and growth of those you love. The fact is data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the jobs for school and career counselors are projected to grow at a rate of 19 percent during the decade spanning between 2010-2020.

While you are never finished being a mom, you may find at some point that you’re ready to invest in your own career; counseling may be your calling.

If you’re still taking care of kids and you’d like to get an advanced degree in counseling, you can do so online. One source for this kind of degree is masters in counseling. Taking classes over the Internet allows you to balance your existing responsibilities with your education by choosing to log on and get your class materials during times when your kids are at school or asleep. This possibility also appeals to stay-at-home dads who are eager to turn themselves into marketable employees without ignoring the duties of parenthood.

In September, you might have read a blog post here that discussed how to fit in your workouts in the midst of a busy schedule. Organization was a key point there, and the same will be true if you decide to go back to school. As a mother, you’re probably already a professional when it comes to delegating tasks, evaluating any activities that you can cut back on, and making necessities more efficient. You already possess these abilities. Now, all you’ll need to do is simply reawaken them.

Author Karen Boyarsky is an avid blogger. You can follow her on Twitter @Boyarsky_kareni.

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