Friday, October 26, 2012

How Mitt Romney Plans to Hurt Families

The impending Presidential elections have stirred up quite the controversy this year, and the debates, regardless of who is debating, have turned into more than just the ol' Republican versus Democrat party arguments, if you know what I mean. 

I'm not one to keep my mouth shut about how far left I lean, nor will I back down from a political debate, regardless of how dirty it gets. I stand PROUDLY behind our President, Mr. Obama, and I will admit that although I also have not seen all of the "changes" that I expected during his first term, I strongly believe that no human being can make the changes that we expected in one sole term, especially with the republican party blocking every move he tried to make over the last 4 years.

I will also strongly stand behind my belief that Mitt Romney is absolutely NOT the man that should be chosen to lead this country. I'm having a difficult time (and I'm not the only one) figuring out exactly WHERE Romney lands on many of the important topics, as his shifting positions have left us all to wonder...

But, what I have pinpointed is that Mitt Romney is NOT a low- to middle-class family man.
Let's get to the facts...

  • ·        First of all, we all know someone who is elderly, and one day (hopefully), we will all fall into that age bracket. While Obama has fought to ensure that people, even with pre-existing conditions, can obtain adequate healthcare, Romney and his running-mate are planning to cut senior Medicare benefits. "How will this hurt families?' you ask. Many elderly people are exhausting their social security and pensions on their nursing care, and still yet it's not enough. They still need to use Medicare benefits to cover the other 40-60%. Now, if Medicare is cut by the 30% that Romney is proposing, the cost of nursing and elderly care is passed on to the next of kin...the daughters and sons, the grandchildren, and whoever else is available to financially support their loved one...causing a burden that, inevitably, could create extreme financial turmoil for any family.

  • ·         Under Romney, families with children can expect to pay about $2,000 more in taxes. I don't think I have to add any more about that.

  • ·         College is expensive enough, right? Parents are already wondering -and stressing out about - how they're going to put their children through college. Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, thinks it's a good idea to cut back college grant programs, like the Pell Grant. And, those work-study jobs that students depend on to make ends meet? They want to cut those back, too, by 42%, which is a whopping $15 billion less Pell Grants for our college kids.

  • ·         Romney wants to cut teaching jobs...and this was confirmed by John Sununu, former governor of NH. This not only cuts jobs and increases unemployment, it also slashes learning for our children by increasing the size of classrooms. Also on Romney's redution list? Policeman and fireman...go figure.

  • ·         Romney wants to cut funding for PBS...the television station that is constantly fundraising for a plethora of different programs for children and families?

  • ·         The Economic Policy Institute analyzed Romney's economic plan, and they say that his plan will lead to 608,000 jobs in the year 2013 and a 1.3 million job loss in 2014. That's just the first two years, if he is voted into the House as our President...I'm not sure if I want to know how bad it will get after that. And, if more job losses won't hurt families...well, I don't know what will.

It truly makes me worried that the Romney/Ryan pair is even a choice for America, especially when Mitt Romney has shown that he will say what we want to hear, and then switch positions to confuse us...or maybe he's confused? I highly doubt the latter. The last thing I want is a President who will say what we want to hear, and then do what they want to do.

Other than the gay marriage topic, Obama has been steadfast with his position on issues, and even his decision to "change his mind" about gay marriage isn't necessarily a bad thing, in my mind. To me, that was more of a change of heart and evolving of beliefs than a flip-flop or position shift, and that shows that he is human and he can have a change of heart.  

One thing is for sure: Obama is not touting policies that will hurt low- to middle-class families, like Romney is. As a matter of fact, Obama has focused on helping families, and I believe he will continue to do so. 

Here's to voting for the REAL family man to lead our country for the next four years!

I welcome your comments, thoughts and arguments. :)

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