Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Online Games for Your Children

Remember the good ole days when the Mario and Luigi games were the biggest things around, with endless worlds of mushrooms, princesses, and blocks that you bumped to find surprises inside? These were well-known gaming characters when they first were introduced by Nintendo way back in 1983, and they inspired hours of serious, fun, and interactive play for children of my time, who weren't accustomed to the myriad of gaming consoles and advanced computer games that are out today.

Avoid the Blood and Gore

Now, there are so many interactive games for your children, it's difficult to know what is PG-rated and what you really do not want them to be playing. The extreme violence and bloodiness of many of the newest games on the market has progressed far beyond what most parents want their children exposed to. However, Mario and Luigi, favorite characters of our past, still bring competition, interactivity, and enjoyment to the computer screen, without the Mature rating.

The Characters

If, somehow, you aren't familiar with the historic game characters, let me introduce them to you. Mario, a plumber of Italian-American decent, and his brother, Luigi, battle sewer creatures and pests of New York - in the sewer! Their offensive and defensive tactics include jumping on the backs of creatures, kicking them, and, when all else fails, hopping over them or escaping down tubes to other parts of the sewer to fend off other creatures.  

If you have yet to introduce your children to Mario and Luigi, the game site that is dedicated to Mario fans is a great place to divert your children's attention. The site will also help to develop their computer skills, get them actively involved in the computer, and increase their hand-eye coordination, without the unnecessary blood and gore that children are exposed to in games nowadays.

Check out the site and let us know what you think!

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