Monday, August 20, 2012

Monthly Donation Campaign

You will notice the donation button in the right hand column. It's time to reach further than spreading the word about recent news stories, awesome products, services, companies and events, disabilities, and other parenting/motherhood/fatherhood/kidhood stuff...

Each month, a new campaign will be featured above and below the donation button. This month, we're focusing on helping needy children obtain the school supplies that are so desperately needed. Sadly, each year, there are thousands of children who head back to school with their tails between their legs because their parents cannot afford to buy the lengthy lists of school supplies for them...and this is the month that it all starts.

Near the end of the month, donations will be tallied and announced, here, on Mommy Rantings. The donor who donates the highest amount will also be announced. (If you do not want your name announced and would rather stay anonymous as a donor, feel free to click on the Contact the QueenMom button and send a quick message requesting anonymity.) If there is a back-to-school charity that you would like to see the donations go to, be sure to send a message along with your donation.

A "normal" list of supplies, including a backpack, for one child, can add up to around $50.

Remember, however, that even $1 donation will buy a notebook, a pack of pencils, or a box of crayons for a child who is in need. Yes, we are all struggling, and times are hard, but this is when we need to dig into our pockets a little deeper and find some change...we can all make a change, no matter how small.

Thank you for your support during this campaign!

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