Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Ameda® IntimateS Apparel - Comfort and Support for Breastfeeding Moms

When I saw the press release in my inbox, I jumped at the opportunity to try out Ameda's new nursing bra.The Ameda Intimates Nursing Camisole was my favorite of the two choices, and as a nursing mom who is constantly searching for the most comfortable, slimming, and lightweight (for summertime) undergear, this cami came in with a 8 stars out of 10 from Mommy Rantings.

Ameda has been creating products for breastfeeding for over 70 years now. When they made these nursing bras and camisoles, their concentration was on preventing compression and encouraging healthy lactation. The length of time in business and their concepts for the bras earned two stars. The fact that they made a CAMI nursing bra without underwire (which helps to minimize plugged ducts and mastitis) deserved two more stars. Four stars altogether.

The microfiber fabric that is cool and comfy in the summertime, made with dual side panels, will not cut into your skin, and the cami, with its ability to flex with the changing shape of a new mom's body - and make you look slimmer, earns another star. Two more stars!

Then, the fabric features lightly absorbent properties, which helps to prevent odors and bacteria growth, reducing some major concerns for new, nursing moms. The fabric is also made completely free of any harmful substances, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions and irritation for mom - and baby! Two more stars for that!

Total: 8 out of 10 stars. ********

Ameda Intimates Nursing Camisole
The  Ameda Intimates Collection features:
·         Lightly absorbent microfiber fabric prevents bacteria growth and odors
·         Fabric is free of harmful substances, reducing the risk of skin irritation and allergy for both mom and baby
·         Dual knit side panels adapt to a mother’s changing shape
·         Drop cup design with one-hand release clasp provides easy access for breastfeeding in public.
·         A variety of breast sizes (A-J cups) and flexible sizing for the right fit the first time
·         Machine washable
·         Available in June 2012 in Beige and Black (coming soon) for $39.99 (bra) and $44.99 (camisole) at,, and
Ameda Intimates Nursing Bra

So, you're probably wondering why the nursing bra cami did not receive a full 10 out of 10 stars if I loved it so much...and, as usual, I am being completely honest with my opinion of a product. While I absolutely LOVE the comfort factor of the cami, the slimming effect that it offers to a mom of seven, and the lightweight aspect in the summertime, support without underwire and with only a panel of stretch-like material for coverage simply didn't feel like the ultimate comfort for larger breasted women. Loss of one star.

To be completely honest and probably talk about uncomfortable issues, nursing moms tend to have a "nipple issue", where their nipples are more prominent than they were before, which can be embarrassing for some new, breastfeeding moms. These bras by Ameda do not cover up this issue, due to the cloth-like material that they are made of, so if your newly prominent, pointy nipples embarrass you, you will want to find another bra that will cover them up better. Loss of one star.

However, regardless of the two star loss, I still love the comfort, the lightweightness, and the fact that it was a cami that helped to keep my tummy flat. Additionally, the fact that these bras are made without harmful substances that can be bad for the baby is another huge plus.

I receive an Ameda Intimates Collection Nursing Bra Camisole to perform this review. As always, my honest opinion has been offered to readers.

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