Sunday, August 26, 2012

BARRATTS UK Presents Their Back to School Shoes

Last minute school shoppers! Are you still looking for shoes and school bags for the kids? Don't fret...

Not only does BARRATS UK cover your children's school shoes needs for the back-to-school rush, they also cover the back-to-school school bags, all in the same place.

For Mom

Now that you have the kids covered, they're also offering 20% off heels and courts right now, so even mom can get a new pair for herself to wear after she rushes the kids off to school. (What mom doesn't need or deserve a new pair of cute shoes?)

Free Shipping

And, when you spend over £50, just enter the code MOV5B for free shipping. 

BARRATS UK is ready for your kid's back-to-school needs year round, so don't forget to check back in on their site to find out what deals they have posted and the new arrivals section, where you will find the latest fashions. Also, if you visit their store, they will accurately measure your child's foot to ensure the best fit in their new back to school shoes. 

This is a message about one of our sponsors. Thanks, BARRATS UK for supporting Mommy Rantings!

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