Friday, May 11, 2012

Top Five Features That Will Help Your Sunglasses Outlast Your Kids

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Let’s face it: moms of younger kids know that they need strong, durable sunglasses to outlast the torture they’ll be put through. Kids will snatch sunglasses from mom’s face and throw them on the ground, try them on to be just like her and more. Certain features can help moms choose sunglasses that can withstand the tug and pull of daily life to last long enough for moms to worry less about buying new sunglasses and more about what to wear with them.

1. Flexible Frames

Flexible frames are virtually unbreakable. Twist them, bend them and even try folding them in half, and all they seem to do are morph into an endless array of shapes. Flexible frames almost dare you to try and defeat them. Try brands like Maui Jims or Flexon frames from Marchon.

2. Solid Nosepieces

Soft nosepieces that are attached to your sunglasses with screws just offer one more piece that can be broken for those that are hard on glasses or moms that like to put their glasses up on top of their heads. Opt for a solid nosepiece that is one with the frames to avoid those that will break or fall off, leaving your sunglasses in need of repair.

3. Scratch-Resistant Lenses

Dropping your sunglasses or having them thrown to the ground can scratch the lenses, making you look at an angle through your lenses to see around the scratches. Avoid strain on your eyes by choosing a lens that has a protective scratch-resistant coating on them, like Maui Jims Clearshell or Oakley PLUTONITE polycarbonate lenses.

4. Arm Hinges

The weak point of many sunglasses, arm hinges can break even when the rest of your sunglasses seem indestructible. Before purchasing a pair of sunglasses, ask about repair policies. If the hinge bends, some sunglass stores will make free repair by bending them back into place. Always have a kit that includes extra screws and a special screwdriver to fix them with as well.

5. Consider Alternatives

Instead of opting for expensive brand sunglasses to take the brunt of the wear and tear that most moms’ accessories face, consider purchasing less expensive brands of sunglasses while your children are younger. Many malls offer lookalike brands that look similarly expensive without the hefty price tag. By choosing these less expensive brands, not only will you be less upset if your tot destroys a couple, but you can enjoy taking those pictures when she tries them on herself and even coordinate more outfits with a variety of looks!

Whether you decide to purchase a more expensive brand of sunglasses or something less costly, look for features that protect your shades against the everyday bumps of life like flexible frames, scratch-resistant coating and solid nosepieces to get the most life from your glasses.

Author Sara Roberts has a background in health and technical writing, and is a content contributor for Just Eyewear, an online retailer of prescription glasses and sunglasses. Follow Just Eyewear on Twitter.

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