Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maxi Skirt Craze

First came the popular maxi dress, and now the maxi skirt has made summer trend headlines on blogs, websites and in online stores across the internet. 

Maxi skirts can be seen on almost any boho friendly and chic celebrity traipsing through Hollywood. A great thing about this maxi skirt trend is that you can find it anywhere, from Target to high end boutiques.

Who can wear one? 

Anyone. Literally. 

It’s a popular myth that shorter women can’t pull this look off. Oh, the contraire! Women who are shorter should probably consider pairing the maxi skirt with a wedge or a heel to prevent any unfortunate tripping situations. 

Curvy girls can rock this look too! It’s all about placement of the waistband: the higher you place it, the more an hour glass shape will appear.

Where to wear it? 

This will depend on the styling, fabric and look of the maxi skirt and what you mix with it. The great thing about the maxi-skirt is that you could wear this skirt anywhere, from beach-side to a late summer wedding. They're perfect for topping over a bathing suit or pairing with one of your favorite sleek, slimming tops.

How to wear it? 

Maxi skirts look best topped off with a fitted tank, blouse or button up. 

Throw on a cute fitted leather or denim jacket to complete the look for the more breezy summer evenings. 

Add some classy sandals, or for your shorter women, heels. 

Grab a neutral clutch-sized bag or cross-body purse. 

Then, top off the look with a chunky bracelet or a necklace. But, remember less is more!

What maxi skirt trends to copy?

·       The more flowy, the better
·       Pleats are in
·       Belted
·       A simple black with a bright fitted top
·       Color block
·       Neon colors
·       Pretty pastels and neutrals

So, be on the lookout for your next summer purchase! Grab a maxi skirt and have fun with it. It’s a beautiful and very comfortable way to spend those summer days and nights in one of the latest fashions.

This guest post is contributed by Debra Johnson, blogger, editor & a knowledge gainer of  being full time nanny.  She welcomes your comments at her email Id: - jdebra84 @ gmail.com.

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