Saturday, May 5, 2012

N.J. Mother Facing Charges for Her Sunburned Child

This is wrong! Very wrong! Like, in so many different ways...

With the amount of mothers who are dolling their daughters up and spray-tanning them, the question is: How far is too far? Over-doing the tanning booth yourself doesn't necessarily set the best example for a young girl, even if you're not taking your daughter with you.

Sure, a tan can tighten up the skin and blend some imperfections, and it can even clear up oily skin, but there's a limit that should be adhered to.

In a CBS news report  that I just read about this morning, a New Jersey mother, Patricia Krentcil, who loves to tan in the tanning booths and beds (and, in my opinion, has gone way too far with tanning her own skin), has been accused of taking her 6 year old daughter into the tanning bed with her...but did she really?

Patricia Krentcil - Source: CBS

That's Patricia Krentcil in the photo. I won't go off on a tangent, talking about how bad that is for her skin...

But, I will tell you what supposedly happened the day that the school nurse asked the little girl about her sunburn. According to the CBS article, the little girl told the school nurse that she got the severe skin burns from "tanning with my mommy" and also talked about how her mom tanned in the tanning bed.

Here's the crazy part, though...Nutley police have arrested and charged Krentcil of child endangerment.

Witness Statements Say Child Did Not Go In The Tanning Bed

She was not seen taking the child into a tanning bed, and even the place that she frequents to tan her own too-crispy-skin at (yeah, I said it!) - City Tropics Salon - even said that her daughter stayed outside with the dad while his wife tanned. (Do you think a salon would really admit that they illegally let a six-year-old child tan, when the legal age is 14, even if they did allow it?)

Well, because the sunburn was so severe, and the little girl made the statement that she tanned with her mother, law enforcement officials were called to the school and they later arrested and charged Krentcil, releasing her only after she paid a $2,500 cash bond.

The mom says that her daughter got the sunburn outside on a day that it was surprisingly unseasonably warm outside. AND despite all of the witness statements, Krentcil is still facing second degree child endangerment charges because her fair-skinned child was sunburned.

Sunburns Happen...

Now, I remember summers at the lake when it was a normal day to spend sun up to sun down out in the water, and burn I did! My fair skin would be redder than a lobster for the first few days, and quite often in the very beginning of summer - oh, yeah, the burns would be blistery, too.

Spending days in the pool in the backyard when it's mild outside and you don't realize how much sun you've soaked in until it's too late.

That's not all...I remember almost every single one of my cousins and my brother getting a sunburn at least once in their life and having to put that green Aloe Vera on it - I'm no stranger to the big green bottle, either.

Second Degree Child Endangerment?

You better make sure you're slathing that sunblock on your kids this summer, because a bad sunburn could invite child welfare (who are now in the lives of the Krentcils) into your life, get you charged for second degree child endangerment, and make you look like a really bad mom when you really aren't.

Oh, and by the way, try not to spend too much time in the tanning booth. 

Patricia Krentcil thinks that other people pick on her, and said it was because "they're jealous, they're fat and they're ugly." 

My thoughts? Well, sweetie, I'm none of the above, and while I like to have a little suntan going on during the summer, that really is too much tan. I'm just sayin'....

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