Wednesday, May 23, 2012

House Cleaning or Maid Service

You can just imagine, with seven children running rampant through the house, I could definitely use some help in the house cleaning department! Maid Service Ashburn VA needs to come up to the Western New York area and help me out!

From what I read on their site, they will come in and perform a Spring Deep Cleaning, and then once your house is thoroughly clean, they will continue their maid service with their Guaranteed Maintenance Rotation System, which sounds similar to how I split up the children’s chores that they are SUPPOSED to do! They’ll clean regularly, but then deep clean a certain part of the house each time they visit.

I was in awe of the list of things they do every time they visit a home, from dusting to cleaning shower heads and mirrors, cleaning appliances, removing cobwebs, dusting picture frames and mini blinds, wiping individual knick knacks…yes, and the list goes on and on…All of those things that fall to the wayside when you have children who would rather play games and watch television than really clean a room the right way!

Maid Service, oh won’t you come save me! It’s really pretty up here in Western New York, near Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and Niagara Falls!

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