Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fashion for Fun Kids – Boys Designer Clothes

When it comes to fashion for boys, children’s clothes and kids’ clothes have come on leaps and bounds.

Children’s clothes and kids’ clothes have transformed over recent years - especially when it comes to boys designer clothes.

Children’s Clothes through the Ages

In the Victorian era, boys were often dressed up in sailor suits or Fauntleroy suits for family photographs. Children’s clothes and kids’ clothes were far more formal and uncomfortable. Before shorts were introduced, boys wore knickerbockers, but shorts became fashionable in the early years of the 20th century, largely thanks to the boy scouts movement.

Fashion’s For Girls!

Traditionally, fashion for boys didn’t exist. Short trousers and shirt sleeves were your lot. Since the 1920s children’s clothes for boys revolved around short trousers - boys would wear short trousers until the age of 13, and the fashion remained until the 1960s.

Boys Designer Clothes – More than Short Trousers

Children’s clothes and kids’ clothes today however have transformed, especially for boys. So much so that one news report stated that boys overtook females as being the biggest fashion victims. The finger is firmly pointed at David Beckham for influencing fashion and style, and making boys increasingly image conscious. Beckham even designed his own children’s clothes and kids’ clothes aimed at boys.
Beckham told the press at the launch: “I've always been into clothes, whether good or bad …I think I appeal more to younger children than to older ones.” Beckham said he felt children’s clothes and kids’ clothes today are much better now than when he was a child. 

Children are definitely more fashion conscious these days, and boys are concerned about looking cool, sporty, urban and casual. Now there are designer children’s clothes and kids’ clothes aimed directly at the fashion-conscious youth, who hold David Beckham up as an icon.

Fashionable Children’s Clothes – A Priority

Many boys are into designer labels and sport labels too, but boys will also be boys – not all of them are into looks. Buying fashionable children’s clothes and kids’ clothes however is clearly a priority for both sexes these days.

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