Monday, May 14, 2012 Rocks!

So, if you didn't order anything from EdenFantasys for your wife on Mother's Day, I have to tell you, you missed out! But, you still have time! Their Mother's Day coupon codes do not expire until May hurry up and get that order in!

Why is so awesome...

I recently ordered the Shunga garden of edo organic collection - massage kit and I just have to say that I'm in HEAVEN with this set! My first thought was $79!!!!???? BUT, THEN it went on sale down to $59.25...$59.25...that's about $11.85 per product. Organic and safe for the body...and the only thing in the set that is NOT edible is the bath salt.

Okay, it's organic, so that's a plus...then, I decided to read through the reviews with my husband and the "most negative" review was actually positive, while others said it was definitely worth every penny...And, I must say that I even had to write a review on their site myself, which is not normally something I do unless the product is FANTASTIC, due to lack of precious time.

I'm just going to highlight my two most favorite products in this set, because I'm pretty sure that you can also buy them as separate items. Here's the set:

Shunga Garden of Edo Collection

What are my two most favorite products in this collection? It's a tie. Hands down, the massage oil (the fourth item from the left, $18.99)) and the aphrodisiac oil (the middle bottle with the cork and the funky green color, $17.99).

The massage oil has an incredible, light smell of...bananas? (But, they call it a green apple on their site.) The aroma is not overwhelming and it fades away as you use it. The oil makes the skin feel so smooth and silky afterward and, to use the colloquialism "a little goes a long way". It does not get sticky, icky, gooey like some products do as you use it and it doesn't have a taste, either. THEN, beyond the yummy smell and the perfection of the texture, it has WARMING properties, so when you're getting a massage, there is a slight warming feeling between the hands and your body. This is THE BEST massage oil I have ever received a massage with...ever.

The aphrodisiac oil is incredible! That little bottle is filled with liquid gold, in my opinion, and it's another one of those "a little goes a looong way" products. At first sniff, it doesn't smell like much of anything, but when you taste it...imagine watermelon jelly beans and cotton candy mixed together...incredible! THEN! It has a warming - or tingling? (I haven't quite figured it out) - sensation, too.

I would pay nearly a $50 price for those two bottles alone, for a special occasion. So, $59.25, it was and, as a reviewer already claimed on the site, it was "worth every penny".

This is just another reason why rocks!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Oh, one more thing...stay tuned for an giveaway in June!

Thanks,, for your coupon code! Regardless of the coupon code, I have provided as honest a review as possible.

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