Saturday, May 12, 2012

Creative Outlets for Kids Parties

Are You Looking for Ways to Encourage Innovative Play?

Children's tents are a great way to get your kid’s creative juices flowing at a children’s birthday party, as tents provide a platform for the children to use their imagination. Tents can be a constructive outlet for their continued learning and development.  Just pair a tent with a range of decorative and exciting kids party supplies for a birthday hit every time.

With new school curricula and the tremendous growth of technology for children, both of which tend to push out creative play in favor of longer numeracy and literacy hours, young children are missing out on nurturing their creativity during their vital developmental stages. And now that education specialists are beginning to realize the importance of imaginative play now more than ever, more and more parents are focusing on their child’s play time within the home. 

Children’s tents are becoming increasingly popular, for use both indoors and out, due to the concept that children need to expand the amount of time per day that they participate in innovative play and also enhance their imagination. The versatile design of tents allow children to engage in constructive play times that can be just as beneficial in the process of their continual learning and development as any other toy that they could play with. 

 Here are several benefits that tents can bring to children's play:

Developing Imagination   
A tent isn’t just restricted to being a tent. Giving your kids the time to let their imaginations run wild can turn it into almost anything. Play cottages can become shops, pavilions can become castle turrets for princesses; the possibilities are endless. Themed children's tents can come in a range of designs to suit your child’s preferences. From toy shops and cottages to beach houses and gingerbread houses; more and more families are choosing decorative and beautifully appliqued cotton play houses to inspire their children to act, perform and develop their imagination.

Constructive Building

As well as playing in the tents, children can enjoy constructing them and deconstructing them. Children's play tents are usually made up of basic poles and connective ends. Under a watchful parental eye, the construction of the tents can be a rewarding experience as they learn how to build the structures themselves. Keeping them busy outdoors with tent construction could aid their physical development, and they may even choose to stay active outdoors for longer than normal, with their new project. 

Learning Through Play

Most learning coordinators will tell you that playtime is essential for developing the hand-eye co-ordination of young children and the life skills of older ones. Something as simple as ‘playing house’ in a children's tent can aid learning, develop motor skills, enhance imagination, and help your kids become increasingly independent. Playtime that involves pretending to look after themselves could help encourage them to want to do things more independently, around the house and in general. 

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