Wednesday, May 9, 2012 Saves the Day!

There's no doubt that having seven children can keep the bank account at a zero balance. Then, add to that fact three children who need glasses...and you know children eventually end up with broken glasses, and most insurances will only cover 1 pair of glasses every few years.

Just recently, I was alerted by the school that my ten-year old needed glasses. That's child #3 wearing prescription frames now. So, he's been to his eye appointment and he now has his new, handsome frames, but my daughter also needed a pair...because hers were broken.

When you're looking at another out-of-pocket expense, you want to find the best quality at the lowest price, right?

That's where comes in!

"$39 for a pair of glasses?" you say. "They must be a lower quality..."

"You get what you pay for."

Not where is concerned. They still offer all of the snazzy little choices that your regular eyeglass office would offer, like the polycarbonate glass that my children's eyeglass office wanted to charge at least an extra $100 for...guess what? adds the polycarbonate for FREE!

There are other "optional" things that they will throw in for free, and most of the prescription glasses that we've looked through were only $39 or $44. On top of that, companies sometimes hide money in the shopping fees and collect that way. Not so with this eyeglass company.

You can read my first review of their website, my experience ordering, and I'll answer what exactly polycarbonate is here. (It's more comprehensive than this one.)

Discount Code For Eyeglasses!

And, with 11 years of being online, they're welcoming you as a new customer with a 15% code. Just use "11Years" at checkout.

Keep Your Script on File

ONE MORE THING: I was worried that I couldn't find my daughter's script for her glasses and her optometrist's office wanted me to drive 45 minutes across town just to pick up the numbers from them. How annoying! So, I was hoping and praying that somewhere in my account, the information would be available through, because I had ordered the same script before. LO AND BEHOLD! It was right there, in my account, all ready for my daughter to just choose another frame and then place the order - Just another reason for me to love!

I guess you're wondering which ones she picked? Of course, there are some with little pieces of bling bling on them for little girls and then there are others with flowers...this time, the flowers won the toss-up:

See the pretty pattern on the sides?

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to 39dollarglasses, because they once again helped me get my glasses-breaking prone daughter the glasses she so badly needs, quickly and for being so cost efficient! 

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