Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saline Ambassador - Sharing Some Boogie Love!

We're right smack in the middle of the sniffling, coughing, aching, wheezing, fever and chills season...and just this past Saturday after an anticipation-filled week of waiting, I received the tell-tale green box that many other Saline Ambassadors have been anxiously awaiting. It was chock full of everything Boogie Wipe!

Temper tantrums and tears...

I'm going to give you a little insight into our exclusive Saline Ambassador Facebook group. When the announcement went out that the first round of boxes were going to be delivered, a whole group of anxious ambassadors started running to their Fed-Ex delivery truck each day to see if the box arrived. One by one, excited ambassadors started to announce the receipt of their long awaited box...Many of us shed tears, threw temper tantrums, stomped our feet, and essentially acted like our toddlers when we realized that our bright green, can't-miss-it box wasn't on the Fed-Ex delivery truck each day.

As the Facebook group members updated their creative statuses to share their party ideas (one was a party in the park!) and other ways to spread the word - and create an awareness - about the items in the box, like photos of invitations to parties and stickers, the anticipation grew thicker...

You could literally feel the anticipation growing as more ambassadors received their boxes and others who had yet to receive their boxes compared their geographic location with others who had received their box...wondering how someone in the same town could get their box while others were still waiting. As more and more people received their boxes, parties were being planned, stickers and invitations were being printed and ideas were being tossed around to help other ambassadors figure out how to effectively promote our (and our children's) favorite Boogie Wipes.

Why We Love Boogie Wipes

So, what's all the hype about? What kind of product could have moms running out to the Fed-Ex delivery truck and hugging and kissing the delivery man as he hands over a notorious green box? (Bet that makes some people out there want to work for Fed Ex, huh?) How could a bright-green, boogie colored box have parents around the entire country peeking out their windows each day in hopes of a special delivery? What is it that has this Facebook group is buzzing about? Parties in the park? What could possibly be inside this box?

If you're not aware of Saline's amazing product, Boogie Wipes, you're going to want to run to the store and check them out! Why do we love Saline? Well, of course, it's because they've come up with the softest, most soothing tissues for runny, sore noses - Boogie Wipes! What makes them the best for little (and big) noses? 

As you see above, Boogie Wipes come in little single-use packets for easy portability (they also come in mini-baby-wipes type packaging), and they all smell fab, but if you would rather not have an aroma stuck to your nose, you can get the unscented Boogie Wipes. I can tell you from experience, though...when you have a sore nose  and stuffy sinuses in the middle of spring from the colds and the allergies, that light scent of grape or menthol is super soothing.

Then! Rather than rubbing rough, dry tissue (and I don't care if they're coated with cocoa butter and aloe), Boogie Wipes are wet and soft, infused with natural saline, aloe and vitamin E (yes, the vitamin that protects body tissue from damage!). So, as soon as you use one, your nose feels immediate relief and the relief lasts.

The BEST part of Boogie Wipes, though...

As a mom or a dad, the last thing you want to do is wipe your little one's sore nose with any type of tissue. I can tell you that my little ones start fighting the tissue at a young age, we're talking months old, and that's because they learn at a young age how rough a tissue feels on their sore little nose. The BEST part of Boogie Wipes is that you can forget the guilt and apologies that come along with wiping your child's nose. As a matter of fact, my children get excited about using the Boogie Wipes.

And, they can't wait to share sample packs with their friends and teachers at school. So, let the Boogie Wipes parties begin!

Have fun, my fellow Saline Ambassadors!

I am a Saline brand ambassador, and although I was provided a big green box of sample Boogie Wipes to share with our party and potential future Boogie Wipe lovers, I was not required to write a post on Mommy Rantings. All opinions are exclusively based on experience with the product and no compensation was paid for this post.

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