Wednesday, April 25, 2012

5 Apps Moms Can’t Live Without

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Busy moms know better than anyone else how hectic life can be. Smart busy moms take help in any form that it comes in! If you’ve got a smartphone, help is only a tap away. From tracking your gas mileage to entertaining toddlers, there are tons of great apps out there geared towards moms who can do with a bit of assistance. 

If this sounds like you, here are five apps that you can’t live without:

1. Grocery IQ

Do you think that you spend more time in the grocery store than you really need to? An extended grocery shopping trip with a toddler in tow can be a hassle. This app will cut down on your shopping time drastically. Sit home, make your list, get in the store and get out of the store; it’s that simple! You can add things to your app by scanning barcodes, manually entering the barcode or typing in the name of the items you need to purchase. The app is so customizable that it borders on insane! Be sure to check out the coupons tab to print coupons out for the items you will be buying before you leave the house.

2. Moo, Baa, La La La!

Do you frequently find yourself needing to keep your toddler entertained? Long waits in the doctor’s office and too long car rides can quickly bore your children to the point of misbehavior. This app, like the popular board book of the same name, allows your children to read the book with narration or without. Your children can also hear specific words read out loud simply by tapping on them. The app is a great one if you need to keep your toddler entertained so you can get something accomplished.

3. Pat the Bunny

Very similar to the well-known, tactile children’s book, this app will read to your child or allow them to read on their own. You can even record yourself reading the story! As your children read the story, or have it read to them, they can paint the page that they are on. By simply swiping their finger across the screen, the illustrations will come to life with color.

4. Every Day First Aid HD Lite

It’s the rare mom who doesn’t have to deal with a scraped knee or a bruised elbow. Do you know what to do if your kids suffer injuries that are a bit more serious? With this application on your mobile device, you’ll be prepared for virtually any emergency. The information is very well organized and concise. The app is perfect for the busy mom on the go.

5. Car Care   

As a mom, you may find yourself driving for the better part of the day. Whether you’re dropping the kids off at the sitters, picking them up from school or making sure they get to their lessons on time, you can feel like you spend more time in your car than you do in your home.

Car Care is a fantastic app that lets you track fuel economy, sends you service reminders and allows you to transfer data back and forth from your iPhone to your computer. No matter what type of fuel you use, you can calculate your fuel’s performance with this handy app and, as a bonus; you can rest assured that you’ll never miss another oil change thanks to the handy reminder feature.

If you spend more time doing for others than you do for yourself, you can count yourself among one of the millions of busy moms in America. Downloading these five apps onto your mobile device will not only save you time, but could save your sanity as well!

Jenny Wilkes is a full time mom and part time freelance blogger for as well as a regular poster on Forum. They helped her move their family into the new house with ease!

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