Monday, March 5, 2012

Too Many Old Sheets and Blankets? 4 Fresh Ways to Recycle Them Out of Your Hall Closet

If you have kids, you have definitely gone through your share of baby blankets and too many sheets to count. And, most of us end up holding on to way too many of them after the fact, as well. If your hall closet is about to burst from the unused blankets and sheets spilling out, try recycling them and making something completely new. You may end up saving money and getting some useful new household items out the process.

1. Make Dishtowels

Before you turn perfectly good blankets into floor scrubbers, check out the condition of the blankets that you’re not using. Grab a couple that have holes or large stains and cut them into 6x12 inch remove rectangles. Hem the edges with a sewing machine so the fabric doesn’t start to fray and then throw the finished pieces into the washer to remove excess thread. Fold them up and you have a brand new set of wash rags!

2. Make Ironing Board Covers

If you have any thick blankets in good condition, they can be turned into perfect pads and covers for  your ironing board. Simple wash and dry the old blanket and place  the end on top of your ironing board and cut out the shape to make the inner pad. Next, take the cover for your old ironing board and lay it out on the blanket to cut a new cover. Cut it about an inch wider than the old cover and sew elastic around the sides.

3. Make Curtains

If you have sheets that you really love but don’t work on your bed any more (or maybe sheets you have never ended up using on your bed), you can use them to make curtains. If the sheet is thin, you can double up on one side or grab a white or cream sheet to add on for extra light blockage. Just make sure the sheets you choose look clean and are in good condition. You can also take sheets that aren’t in the best condition and use them to cover windows in dirtier areas, like the basement or garage.

4. Donate to a Good Cause

If the idea o making your own ironing board pads makes you groan, you can still put your old blankets to good use instead of throwing them away. If they are in poor condition, try donating them to an animal shelter for use as bedding or during pet transportation. If your blankets are useable, bring them to a homeless or women’s shelter to be put to good use.

This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey, who regularly writes for accredited online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: blauren99 

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