Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Fever, Anyone?

I am touched to say that I have received a ton of emails now from people (from around the world, believe it or not!) asking if everything is okay with me, my family and Mommy Rantings because articles on Mommy Rantings have slowed down drastically to one per week.

First of all, thank you all for your inquiries! The thought that you care means so much!

For starters, there have been a couple of very important things that I want to bring up and remind you:


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I neglected to post the winner of the Conair Scale...

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Congrats! You're going to love it! (I've sent you an email)

And, now on to the admissions... 

So, as one of my cousins said about a week ago on Facebook, there's recently been a "climate shift". It was snowing in the weirdest places and sunny and 80 degrees, essentially summertime weather, in the north, IN MARCH!

Some people frustratingly SHOUTED their feelings into Facebook World that the hot and muggy weather wasn't going to change their stinky attitudes about whatever they were complaining about.

Others mentioned that the drastic weather change was causing health issues; runny noses, sinus infections, other things flaring up, pollen count high...

And then there were the people - (like me) - who thrive on the beautiful summertime weather - or, rather, LIVE AND BREATHE FOR IT, and "they" were proclaiming that it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, echoing the words of the late Mr. Rogers, and practically singing the entire verse on Facebook.

Whatever way you look at it, the surprise spring weather created a buzz on the social media networks - definitely in my circles, at least. Twitter, LinkedIn - everyone was saying something about it, including me.

Admission #1

Yes, I was doing that. I admit it. I was outside, playing with the children, snapping pictures left and right with my new toy - *ahem* smartphone, I mean. Filming videos, playing with the settings. Uploading to Facebook, uploading, uploading...posting, updating status with, "It's so beautiful outside!" and "we're having fun!" accompanied by videos or photos of the children riding bikes, rollerblading, controlling motorized toys...we had fun and I was soaking up some natural Vitamin D, something my body had been missing and needing for months!

I was simply enjoying life and having fun with the children, because life goes by so fast...sometimes, you have to stop and soak it up and make some memories.

Admission #2

I'll admit something else, too. I got a new smartphone and I'm in love with it. If you don't have a smartphone yet, you should seriously consider getting one! Especially if you spend time on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and Stumbled Upon...and you are constantly checking your phone brings it all together for me.Then, if you just happen to LOVE playing games like our family does, there is an app for everyone!

Forget games if you don't play them, the free apps that are available for download go on and on and on! You can customize your keyboard, your wallpaper, you icons, you messages theme and your Facebook and Twitter widget themes. There are organizational apps, like calendars, monthly cycle apps, and financial planners. Anyway, I'm sure you will hear plenty about these wonderfully amazing smartphones in future articles, but I have to say, my husband finally found something that grabs my attention and keeps it longer than my laptop!

Admission #3

Okay, I understand that this might not necessarily fall into the "admissions" category, but I figured I would throw it in. Within the past two weeks, I have experienced the loss of a brand new smartphone (which can be super-traumatic when you realized that there was an app that you could have downloaded prior to losing the phone that would track the GPS location of the smartphone called LookOut Plan B. It can even install remotely, but in this case, something went awry with the remote installation...because the location was never sent back via email).

Also, within the past two weeks, my seven year old son went in for oral surgery, which required several appointments leading up to it, plus several phone calls to square away insurance issues, line up the surgery day, and listen carefully to the instructions for pre-surgery. To make matters worse, Wes could have avoided all of this by simply brushing his teeth like his mother told him to every day. Has he learned his lesson? Time will only tell...

To add to the confusion, but in a good way, my Aunt and Uncle from Ohio were in the area visiting Niagara Falls last week and made plans to come out and visit us! It had been over 10 years since our last time together - far too long! And, you know I had to spend some time preparing the house for company after a long winter of being cooped inside. No, the QueenMom's house is NOT perfect, ever.

So, I guess I don't have to explain any further about how busy life has been or why we've been MIA and Mommy Rantings has taken a break for a moment...we're just fine here and we hope you are too! We're back on track this spring, and I promise to post pictures of our summertime fun soon!

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